Experts: soon from hackers we have to defend even the brain

Experts: soon from hackers we have to defend even the brain Electronics, implanted in the brain, already may soon become commonplace. Implants, futurists predict, will provide the central organ of the nervous system an additional "capacity" and will help to significantly expand human brainpower. Furthermore, by sending pulses directly to the CNS can be treated with a variety of diseases.

Bioelectronics, in particular, have recently become interested in Google: August 1, it has established a new company that aims to develop a miniature electrical implants by 2023. Organic electronics allow to treat chronic diseases such as arthritis, asthma and diabetes by stimulating certain body parts.

The future is closer than it seems: there are already biosensors that record the brain activity using the method of electroencephalography (EEG) and allow to move the limbs, just thinking about it. As a person controls an artificial hand the power of thought can be seen in this video:

At the same time interfaces such as brain-computer rooted in great danger, posing a threat to "break" the brain. Cause of the fact that scientists are still not figured out how to give computers access to only those brain waves, they need to weed out the rest.
Electrotechnology Howard Cizek from the laboratory biorobotics University of Washington, for example, allows a script that is already in the near future, cyber criminals will be able to get right into the human mind.

"In fact, there was very little time, and then it will be too late if we do not solve this problem quickly", - he said.

According to his colleague Tamara Bonacci now computers receive not any individual, but once all the EEG signals sent by the brain, "which contain valuable information about us as people." If the time has not come up with a defense to abuse "detector thoughts" can not only hackers, but also the police or the government. Now electrical engineers are developing "the BCI-anonymizer" for filtering EEG signals, but its effectiveness has not yet been proved.
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