How Islamists are using Telegram

How Islamists are using TelegramFiguring out the terrorist act in the Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, in the death of the priest Jacques Hamel, led investigators to the maze Telegram service. This application (100 million users worldwide and 15 billion messages each day) boasts flexible (there is both private and public chat rooms) and privacy, which is especially important in a repressive political regime countries. French Islamists, apparently, is not going to pass these opportunities. In particular this applies to the murderers of his father Amel Kermisha Adel and Abdel Malik Petitjean.

"Initiated the investigation is interesting because it covers two important aspects of jihad: narcissism and personal nature of the offense and the relationship between terrorism and mass communications," - noted in the police.

According to the first findings of the investigation, and Adel Abdul Malik Kermish Petitjean met through Telegram. Employees of counter-terrorism unit found out that they first made contact on July 22 that is four days before the crime. The next day, who lived in Savoy Petitjean decided to go to Kermishu, which then was under judicial supervision in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray. Petitjean first night spent in the house Kermishey, and then moved into their gardens and finally the park.

"The most amazing thing is that even though their phones are very close, they still continued to correspond actively", - stressed the informed source.

Both terrorist talked about their plans for another familiar. Petitjean shared in the Telegram cousin Farid K. (Sunday he was taken into custody), and lecturing Kermish audiotape in a group of 200 people. As he wrote l'Express, they were very cruel ( "You take a knife, go to church, organized the massacres. Bingo. Cut off two or three heads, and all super") and contained calls to participate, in some bloody reality show ("I warn you in advance for three or four minutes. When it starts, you need to be spread in the air").

Now, investigators are working on contacts and Kermisha Petitjean in the Telegram. According to them, "the two were not alone." In addition, they are (at least on Kermisha) could affect foreign preacher.

From the point of view of the Islamic State Telegram selection as the main means of communication was by no means accidental. The organization has found a good option for informing supporters and spread propaganda. The application includes the functionality as a messenger for the personal encrypted correspondence (like WhatsApp), and social networks (public distribution channels). The first function can be used for the preparation of the operation in great detail (and have done so Petitjean Kermish), while the latter need to publish official reports or to keep abreast of developments.

For intelligence spying messengers like Telegram (WhatsApp, Signal, Viber, IMO) has become one of the most important tasks. Now they thoroughly study when you want to "check" the new target environment. The main difficulty here is not lost in the piling up of accounts and aliases, which can sometimes use one person to cover his tracks.

"The most simple and direct solution, which we often use it in secret communication with relatives, - said one police officer. - If they fear that some member of the family could be carried away by a radical ideology, it can to cooperate and to provide accounts and passwords. "

 But although Facebook and Twitter that's enough, Telegram is tied to your phone number and sends verification codes in case of an external connection, so the investigators need a smartphone itself.
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