What unites the most intelligent and creative people in the world?

What unites the most intelligent and creative people in the world?What unites talented writers, mathematicians, artists, musicians, and whether it is possible to raise a genius? The answer to this question is still there, but there are facts that confirm - the general characteristics of all the gifted people exist, and it is possible to determine the future genius.

Three clicks

"For a certain set of characteristic geniuses of the same character traits," - says the author of biographies of Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs Walter Isaacson. On the one hand, they are united by the love of ease. For example, during the development of the iPod, Steve Jobs asked to search for any song by doing no more than three clicks. His team figured to use the scroll wheel and deal with the problem more effectively. Isaacson points out that another feature of Jobs was a perfectionist - is another common symptom of genius for the heroes of all his books.

Madness of the brave

Researcher Faculty of Psychology at Stanford University Connie Strong (Connie Strong) asserts that creative people - no matter how talented or poetic nature of mathematics - during intensive work are prone to bipolar disorder. She found that creative people are able to have a much wider range of emotions than the average person, and thereby greatly benefit.

The most effective is a group of outstanding people. They reinforce each other's strengths

"Outstanding artists in the process 10-30 times more likely to suffer from manic depression and major depression - says clinical psychologist at the University Johns Hopkins Kay Jamieson.

This does not mean that geniuses will certainly suffer when working on a masterpiece. People with manic depression can be extremely vulnerable and at the same time is incredibly arrogant. And this is the confidence needed when you destroy conventional frames in art and do what you did before you none. "

Not alone

A sign of genius, we do not consider it a psychological disorder, and his achievements in his field. For geniuses can not compromise. Their purpose - intellectual breakthrough and creation of things to them simply did not exist. Steve Jobs claimed that he had not conducted any market research, because people did not know before running the Macintosh, what they want.

However, biographer Walter Isaacson said that genius is not one on the road to greatness. In the arsenal of the same Steve Jobs were dozens of talented engineers and designers. "The most effective is a group of outstanding people. They cover their weaknesses and enhance the strengths of each other ", - says Isaacson. He notes that, despite its harshness and intolerance in its relations with its own employees, Jobs had the gift of break down barriers in communication and gather around him the most committed people.
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