'Bully insurance' now on the increase

Bullyingisa serious problem in Japan, with the amount of reported incidents increasing by more than 91,000 in 2017 alone. Sadly, the problem doesnt seem to have a solution on the horizon, as schools are often slow oreven unwillingto resolve issues, which leaves many children in the dust.
One of the most popular ways for children to bully each other nowadays isover the Internet. Students use forums, the messaging app Line, and Twitter to post rumors about their classmates, share their private affairs without their permission, and speak ill of each other. This behavior is steadily increasing, and with the advancement of technology,kids are getting better and better at it, and more and more malicious.
Thats why this year, Japanese insurance company Yell has started offeringbully insurance, to helpoffset the potential legal costs that could result from bullying. The insurance plan costs just 2,640 yen per month, and hundreds of concerned parents have already signed up.
The primary objective of the policy seems to belegal insurance. Those who join a bully insurance plan will have access to afree initial consultationwith a lawyer when an issue arises, as well as afree telephone consultation serviceandsupport in finding a lawyer. The company can also help mitigate any damage claims against the school or the offender, and will reimburse up to 70 percent of any fees paid to the lawyer.
The insurance will also cover themedical fees associated with an injury, either incurred or perpetrated, by your child during an incident of bullying, as well as providecompensation for broken or destroyed property.Plus, the service can also assist with divorce, sexual andpower harassmentin the workplace, disputes in the neighborhood, and contract disputes, so for many parents, it could be very useful. As long as someone has children under the age of 18 years old in their family, they can sign up.
Though this isnt the first insurance policy to offer compensation for bullying, this particular plan was born from a desire to be able to use a lawyer to resolve bullying issues, and so became thefirst bully insurance offered in Japan. But with so many practical uses at such a small price, its no wonder that the policy has become popular since its release in May. Knowing a lawyer is just a phone call away must provide an invaluable peace of mind for parents, who constantly worry about their children.
Source:Naver Matome
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