Japanese curry chain Coco Ichibanya to open a branch in India next year

As far as fast food goes, Japan certainly has a plethora of options. Whether you wantbeef bowls,chicken and egg rice bowls,tempura,hamburgers,tacos, orfried chicken, Japan has got it all, so youll never go hungry for cheap, fast, and tasty food. But when it comes to customizing your order exactly how you want it, theres no better place thanCurry House CoCo Ichibanya.
Coco Ichi, which offers take-out as well as dine-in options, has shops all over the country, and for good reason:their menu has something for everyone.CoCos specializes in curry, of course, but what kind of curry is up to you. When you order at CoCos you can choose what kind of curry base you want, how much rice you want, how spicy you want it, how sweet you want it, and what toppings you want to put on it. If youre really hungry, you can choose toorder every single topping on the menu, or if youre going low carb you can evensub out the rice for cauliflower rice. They also havevegetarian optionsas well asHalal selections, which makes their menu especially flexible.
So thats why its no surprise to see the curry shop opening up its doors in other countriesexcept we were pretty shocked to learn thatJapans unique version of curry is planning to make its way to India.
The company that runs CoCo Ichi doesnt seem concerned; theyre teaming up with Mitsui & Co in a joint venture to bringthe first CoCos shop to New Delhi or the surrounding area as early as next February. Theyre even considering making it a franchise opportunity in the country, with the hope thatby 2030 there will be as many as 30 CoCo shops.
But that perhaps depends on how well the initial shop will do.The plan is to keep the chains original curry sauces, flavors, spice levels, and toppings, so it will stay true to the Japanese style of curry, but there will also reportedly beoptions to purchase naan instead of rice, and add other toppings that suit the tastes of locals, too.
The price of the curry dishes will start at about780 yen (491 Indian rupees), which is reportedly a little high compared to other curry shops in Delhi, but officials in charge of the venture hope the addition of a new kind of food and a uniquely Japanese food culture will bring customers to the chain.
But will that be enough? Japanese net users dont seem to think so:
I have a feeling its going to fail.
India-England-Japan-India. The reverse importation is complete.
Its not really a curry that will be accepted in the place where curry comes from
Thats like American sushi restaurants opening up in Japan. Yeah, its gonna fail.
Its not even delicious curry in Japanwell, theyre free to do what they want.
People of the Hindu religion cant eat beef, Muslims dont eat pork, and CoCos doesnt carry mutton curry. Can their chicken curry alone be successful?
Source:NHK News WebviaMy Game News Flash
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