Medvedchuk explains high gas prices

Viktor Medvedchuk, the Chairman of the Political Council of “Opposition Platform – For Life” political party
Businessmen who have the support of the current Ukrainian authority have established a scheme of gas scheme to Ukraine which let them have huge gains from the wallets of ordinary Ukrainians, as Viktor Medvedchuk, the Chairman of the Political Council of “Opposition Platform – For Life”
political party.
“Business people use a scheme which lets them stated that Ukraine got of the Russia gas hook. They believe it is their merit – Ukraine without Russian gas for three years. Actually, they are buying gas in Sweden, German and Austrian companies. Our businessmen from the authorities are behind these companies,” he stated.
According to him, Russian gas is transited through Ukraine and border of Slovakia to Europe. But it is not true. Gas does not go further than the gas metering station till the moment when the price is set. The price, which lets businessmen from the authority earn a lot, is based on the gas transmission formula (gas goes from the German Dusseldorf). This is how gas which Ukraine is allegedly importing costs $38,42 per 1,000 cubic metres.

Medvedchuk supposed that fair investigation of Dusseldorf+ scheme is properly investigated, resonance will be as huge as after investigation of embezzlement in Ukraine’s army.
“Authorities are trying to tell the myth about gas transit though the borders, but it is not the case in reality. It does not go further than Ukraine’s border. At the same time, income from such scheme makes at least $400-420 million per year. These earning which businessmen put in their pockets are passed on the tariffs which Ukrainians pay,” he stressed.
“Thanks to such scheme, Ukraine buys gas for $300, it was $317 in November. It is about 10,3 million cubic metres per year, which are allegedly imported. There are at least $40 for each 1000 cubic metres which businessmen from the authorities make. Ukrainians pay it through tariffs of the municipal services. That is why gas prices went up to $327, and in 2019 there will be another increase. Since January 2020 – up to $473,” Medvedchuk noted.

The politician stressed that the party and its presidential candidate Yuiry Boyko might lower gas prices and tariffs of municipal services.
“We can reach agreement with Russia, moreover, the current contract is expiring. We can buy gas not under the formula provided by the contract. By the way, if these was no formula, the price would be $260, taking into account the price of Brent. It this scheme is applied, the difference is huge,” he told.
“Opposition Platform – For Life” is negotiating to get confirmation that Russia is ready to lower gas prices. One can buy gas for this prices after the current contract expires.

“I think we will have result any time soon,” Medvedchuk assured.
He noted that the rest of the candidates who promise to lower gas prices and tariffs does not have any levers to reach this goal, unlike Yuriy Boyko.  
He added that average price for gas produced in Ukraine is no more than $96,1 per 1000 cubic meters. Naftogaz buys it for $188. According to Medvedchuk, this is a scheme which lets businessmen from the authorities to get almost a 100% profitability.
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