Crab Cola from Niigata Prefecture

Japan is no stranger to the land of crazy cola drinks, with recent years seeing an influx of barmy beverages hit convenience store shelves, ranging from the relatively tameCoca-Cola peach Coketo the the more experimentalCoca-Cola CoffeeandChristmas-cake flavor Pepsi, and evenSalty Watermelon Pepsi. But for a truly out-there cola concoction, youll need to take a step away from the two big cola giants and look to a more avant-garde supplier of fizzy oddities. A company by the name ofTakuyo Fisheries Industrywhich hails from Niigata Prefecture, has released a signature cola drink infused with the delicious taste of, um,crab, and we figured it was our duty to drink a bottle of the stuff and let you all know whether this is a drink that will really have legs in the cola industry or not.
The rather stylish bottle design immediately caught our eye the retro-stylekatakanafont reads: Kani (crab) Cola and is romanized above as Cani-Cola.At the very top of the bottle, it reads Crab flavor? A strange flavor cola!. Hmm, doesnt the red and white style label actually look kind of familiar? Um, moving swiftly on, lets get on with the taste test.
Now, since Takuyo Fisheries Industry specializes in aquatic foodstuffs and is not a dedicated soft drinks maker, even though we had high hopes for this beverage we were mindful to keep our expectations in check regarding carbonation levels, thirst-quenching ability, and other yardsticks by which you might measure a fizzy drink.
That being said, our resident guinea pig, I mean, taste-tester, Tasuku, had this to say about the drink: At first, I was concerned there would be a distinct whiff of fish emanating from the drinks bubbly emissions. To my pleasant surprise, the beverage registers naught but the pleasant scent of familiar cola. I took a sip. Alas! The palate reads only that of a pedestrian, humble cola. But waitsomethings fishy about this."
Crab Cola from Niigata Prefecture
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