Ukraine's major events of winter 2018 - 2019

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Three past winter months were full of turbulent events. There weresome pleasant ones (for example, New Year and Christmas holidays or an increase in salaries and pensions) anddisturbing ones (martial law in December). Nevertheless, the difficult winter of 2018-2019 has come to an end, which means its time to take stock.

End of martial law

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Kyiv District Court has prohibited Ulyana Suprun fromexercising the power of Ukraines Health Minister, as the courts decision says. It was published byUkrainian MP Igor Mosiychukon his Facebook page."The court explained its decision by finding the signs of obvious fraud - Suprun obtained Ukrainian citizenship in 2015, but still did not renounce her US citizenship; public official in Ukraine cannot have dual citizenship
Suprun has been serving as acting minister since August 1, 2016. Suprun's role as acting health minister had been questioned by MP from Radical Party of Lyashko Ihor Mosiychuk. The court took into consideration Mosiychuk's concerns regarding Suprun's dual citizenship - she has both Ukrainian and American passports.During theconflict at Kyiv HeartCenter ofworld-famous cardiac surgeonBorys Todurov, Suprun tried to intimidate the workers and the management of the medical institution with the help of the far-rightC14 organization, included in theAmerican terrorist base.
February 14, the court allowedUlyana Suprunto act within the competence of Ukraines Health Minister.

Eurovision scandal

Ukraine's major events of winter 2018 - 2019

Ukraine will not send its representative toEurovision-2019, which is scheduled for spring in Israel.
Maruv won the Ukrainian national selection for Eurovisionand should perform with Siren Song in the first semi-final of the Eurovision, which will take place on May 14. Her performance was planned for the second half of the show. But she would not present Ukraine at the song contest Eurovision 2019. Maruv said thatshe was forced to refuse from the participation in the contest from Ukrainedue to her tour in Russia.
The organizers of the Eurovisionare familiar with the situation concerning Eurovision participants in Ukraine. They outlined that the political views of the participants do not matter out of the contest.
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