NATO, EU, poverty alleviation: Poroshenko's election program

Presidential Administration press office
Ukraine’s President and current challenger Petro Poroshenko is believed to be among the top three in the upcoming presidential election, scheduled for March 31. Poroshenko promises to adhere to the previously chosen course for joining the EU and NATO, find diplomatic ways to return the occupied territories, and further develop the army, which sounds especially galling against corruption scandal with Poroshenko’s close entourage and embezzlement scheme involving the smuggling of military spare parts from Russia (fraudulent arms contracts that eventually cost the military 8,9 million USD).
Let us take a closer look at these promises and other points of Poroshenko’s election program.

Global goals
Entry into NATO and the European Union. Petro Poroshenko declares applying to the EU in 2023. At the same time, he plans to receive an Action Plan regarding NATO membership. According to Poroshenko’s program, Ukraine would join NATO and the EU as a regional leader.
Quote from the program:
We will enter the EU and NATO as a regional leader. Over the next 5 years, Ukraine should become:
- The leader of the agricultural sector in Europe;
- One of five new global leaders in the IT sector;
- A regional leader in industrial development;
- Transport hub of Eastern Europe;
- One of the ten most visited European countries.
Quote from the program:
"Peace is the complete restoration of the territorial integrity, sovereignty, and independence of Ukraine. Peace is the unquestioning recognition by Moscow of our right to follow our own way."
Poroshenko sees the main task as a fight against poverty.
Quote from the program:
"We need to focus social support on the most disadvantaged segments of the population, like the lonely old people, people with disabilities, large families."
Speaking about the agricultural sector, Poroshenko plans to focus on the creation of processing enterprises, the development of infrastructure for agricultural producers, and the protection of the owners’ rights.

The IT sector, according to Poroshenko’s program, should be "turned into a creative industry with a constant increase in its contribution to the domestic economy."
Poroshenko is going to rely on high-tech areas with high added value.
A separate priority is the support of Ukrainian science.
At the same time, the strategic plan is to turn the country into a transport and logistics hub of Europe, so it is necessary to modernize the transport infrastructure.

Quote from the program:
"Improving the infrastructure will be an impetus for the tourism industry, which is a powerful engine for the local development. Without exaggeration, each community has the opportunity to create a unique, attractive tourist route. The world is now discovering Ukraine, therefore, we can enter the European top ten most popular cultural and tourist destinations."
Salaries, healthcare, education, culture
According to the program, the basic principle is "money goes to people."
Poroshenko also promises to replace the income tax of enterprises on the tax on the removal of capital.

Quote from the program:
"The growth of salaries will allow constantly raising pensions as well, ensuring them a decent level. We will increase the amount of assistance at birth and child care, especially for families raising three or more children."
Other promises:
- Salary increase for teachers and university professors;
- Large-scale repair of medical institutions;
- Completion of medical reform;
- Expanding support for cultural projects.
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