11 seconds per each voter: Occupied Donetsk set record of election speed?

Elections in occupied Donetsk, November 2018
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According to “Central Election Commission the Donetsk People’s Republic,” the total turnout of voters in the pseudo-elections was 80%, so more than 1,6 million people voted, according to the head of the “DPR Central Election Commission” Olha Polyakova. By simple arithmetic calculations, we get a total number of voters in the “DPR” – it is about 2 million people.
According to the “DPR Head Statistics Department,” 2,3 million people live in the “republic”(as for October 1). It would mean that around 87% of them - 2 million, can vote.
Stepping down a level, according to the same “Head Statistics Department,” 261,000 people live in Horlivka, which is, of course, a claptrap, but never mind that. So, 87% of residents who can vote make 227,000 voters.
According to the “Central Election Commission the Donetsk People’s Republic,” voters turnout in the city is 76,73%,, which means 174,000 of Horlivka residents have voted.

And now the knight's move – there are only 45 polling stations in Horlivka, in 2012 there were 140 of them, but it was decided to reduce their number to create queues in the “DPR” elections. 174,000 Horlivka residents who “voted” divided between 45 polling stations - that is, 3866 people voted in each. During 12 hours of work of the polling stations, 322 voters were accepted per hour, that is:
1) There would have been great queues at the polling stations at this rate. Did you see them[/img]
claimed to have voted. That is, on the election day, an average of 3921 people voted in each polling stattion and 326 voters were accepted per hour, which is 11.04 seconds for each person.
With the same success, Pushilin could be elected an emperor of the Intergalactic star empire.
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