New MacBook will be possible to charge by using other Mac-devices

Updated MacBook and used USB-C port are long time survivors of the topical forums after recent press-conference of Apple in San Francisco.

It would not be surprising, since after so many years of a separate approach to the device plugging, the company changed for the universal port of a new generation that is supposed to replace not only usual USB and Thunderbolt, but also brand MagSafe.


New MacBook will be possible to charge by using other Mac-devices

Despite of the dissatisfaction of some users with the end of a legendary port, magicians from Cupertino  might again turn the disadvantages into the advantages, as in a new computer a new interesting feature was found. As a matter of fact, using an adapter to a new Mac one can connect any desirable accessory.

The most interesting in this story is to learn what exactly a new device from Apple will be compatible with. In order to figure it out colleagues from 9to5Mac got in touch with the ‘closest sources of the producer’ and received completely unexpected for themselves answer.

According to them, Apple is not planning to impose any limitations on the work operations of the port. It means that theoretically most of the accessories designated for the USD-C will be supported. As a result, when having suitable device it would be possible to charge it using internal battery or even other Mac.

New MacBook will be possible to charge by using other Mac-devices

Similar turn in the development of the events is able to shed the light to the reason of using a new connector, but also to discourage critics as these opportunities are the big advantage for a new MacBook. By this moment the market of the similar versions of other producers practically did not exist, as Apple does not license MagSafe and even prosecute the luckless vendors legally. Obviously, some enterprising companies still manages to produce similar devices but these uncomfortable and mostly expensive devices are more the entertaining for enthusiasts than really useful things in the daily life.

Thanking the simplicity of the accessories production, the use of standard USB-C can lead to emerging of the market of the external batteries that are similar with available today at iOS-gadgets where many not expensive products from different producers can be found. Absolutely, one should choose a device with sufficient power and power of current in order to recharge the battery of the notebook correctly. Still, under the circumstances of empty niche the appearance of these products is rather a matter of business.

But this is not the end. Availability of the USB-C makes a new MacBook compatible with the standard DisplayPort that means possibility of using non-original accessories for connecting an external monitor.

New MacBook will be possible to charge by using other Mac-devices

New MacBook will be possible to charge by using other Mac-devices

Apparently, Apple traditionally offers their specialty adapters for solution of these tasks, but the high price of 79 USD can scare potential customers. In many cases it would be enough to purchase one of the non-expensive adapters from the other producers and it would not take too ling to wait for that. Already this week a few brands among which are LaCie and Belkin have presented different accessories for the USB-C. Google did not stay aside; it has produced along with a new Chromebook Pixel 2 the adapters USB-C/USB and USB-CHDMI/DisplayPort costing 13 USD and 40 USD respectively, they even have a power supply with an output of 60 watts, priced at 60 USD .

As we observe, in Cupertino it is traditionally offered for skeptics to thing differently and even look into the future a bit, as a new approach can substantially simplify charging of notebooks having changed the usual model use as well.

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