Chromebook Pixel is a new product of Google (photo and video)

Currently Google has got its own shop in the city center of London, while its internet-shop received the updated design. It looks as if ‘a corporation of kind’ has got a serious interest in the mass sales of its devices. However, to promote the new shops without updating the choice is not good. Therefore, following the presentation of a new MacBook by Apple, Google decided to make us happy with a new Chromebook Pixel.

Chromebook Pixel is a new product of Google (photo and video)

Firstly, the Chromebook looks like an accessible typing machine. For those users who have no idea what kind of picture is on their desktops (due to the fact that most of the time they spend in browser), it is not a bad decision for the relatively modest price.

Besides, Chrome OS does not stop its development and its possibilities are already limited much less by absence of internet connection.

Chromebook Pixel is a new product of Google (photo and video)

In any case, Pixel was distinguished a few times among the others Chromebooks. It was different at least due to the pricing factor as the price for the first generation of the device started from 1299 USD, while most of the other models cost around 300 USD.

And now Google announces a second generation of the device. The Chromebook Pixel 2015 preserved design of the predecessor as it is still the same metal square-type basis with plastic hinges and a screen covered with the glass.

Chromebook Pixel is a new product of Google (photo and video)

And the screen has a ratio 3:2, a diagonal 12’85 inches and the contrast 2560 x 1700. Besides, it is a sensor device. Google embarks that the colors choice of the sRGB is increased, though the former model had no problem in this regard.

Weight of the device is quite significant is to compare with competitors and comprises 1.5 kg. For instance, it is twice as much as MacBook Air.

But the Chromebook Pixel 2015 promises to be a quite powerful device. It is supported by the processor Intel Core i5 and 8 GB of the operational memory. For saving data 32 GN of the memory is foreseen at the internal disk, while also 1 TB in the Google Drive for three years.

Chromebook Pixel is a new product of Google (photo and video)

If this is still little for solving the issues for which this Chromebook can be used, Google has got a second model – the Chrome book Pixel LS with Intel Core i7, 16 GB of the operational memory and 64 GB of the drive in the device.

Pixel of 2015 has got two USB Type-C ports as well. This is a new universal standard that is equally good both for the power and USB-connection and attaching additional screens. Besides, you can plug this cable into the port from any side.

Previously, Apple as claimed ‘has re-invented’ a notebook, having presented on one of the events a new MacBook: a very slim 13 mm device with a screen diagonal of 12 inch and a Retina - contrast. Another feature of the device is that the basis of the device has got only one port, not counting mini-jack for the accessories. Naturally, this is a USB Type-C.

Chromebook Pixel is a new product of Google (photo and video)

Pixel has not got a minimum because the device has got two more USB 3.0 ports and a slot for the memory sticks. Nevertheless, the presence of a new standard in the devices of Google and Apple means that they will emerge in the future devices of other producers.

By the way, one can compare it with a MacBook also in relation to the productivity of two devices. Surely, the OS X at the moment is capable of more operations than the Chrome OS. However, a new MacBook itself might become this basic device of Apple, even less productive than MacBook Air. In this sense it looks like comparing two elegant ‘typing machines’.

Chromebook Pixel is a new product of Google (photo and video)

The new Chromebook Pixel has a few features. For instance, when the Chromebook is closed, you can knock the cover and the horizontal light bar will display the remaining battery level. By the way, Google promises 12 hours of the autonomous work, while during The Verge test it was capable of working for 14 hours.

Another interesting feature is a setting of the keyboard light: it works only when the user’s hands are over it.

Price for a new Pixel starts from 999 USD and this is 300 USD less than the last model or MacBook. The Pixel LS will cost the same price of 1299 USD.

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