Samsung Gear Fit2 software update streamlines smart exercise

Samsung Gear Fit2 software update streamlines smart exerciseSamsung Electronics has today announced a software update for the Gear Fit2 GPS sports band, which is packed with key enhancements that bring new levels of precision and convenience to the fitness-tracking experience.

‘Auto Pause’ Exercise

With the Gear Fit2’s new Auto Pause feature, the device will recognise when a user who is engaging in a cardiovascular activity such as running or cycling suddenly stops—say, for a traffic light, or simply to take a break—and will pause its fitness-tracking functions accordingly.

As the Gear Fit2 recognises exercise status automatically, users are not required to interact with the device in order to pause or resume their workout. Rather, as soon as the user resumes the exercise, the Gear Fit2 will register the change and pick up tracking functions right where he or she left off.

Automated Dynamic Workout Tracking

The update also expands the number of exercises the Gear Fit2 is capable of automatically registering. Already recognised repetitive-motion exercises such as running, walking and elliptical and rowing sessions are now joined by a diverse range of fun, high-intensity activities such as basketball, table tennis, badminton, dancing and soccer.

The Gear Fit2 tracks these activities with its motion sensor, and whenever a user engages in one for more than 10 minutes, it logs the session as a “Dynamic Workout”. The device is capable of recording several other common and engaging fitness activities as well, providing users with more freedom—and motivation—to optimise their exercise in the manner they prefer.

Streamlined Sets for Indoor Activities

Because every step, set and rep counts when pursuing one’s fitness goals, the Gear Fit2’s new Set feature streamlines the management of repetition-based exercises such as crunches, lunges, squats and star jumps—an activity for which support was added with the update—to help users train more effectively.

Users can input their desired number of repetitions and sets per exercise and the Gear Fit2 will start tallying their progress as soon as they begin. Moreover, because getting adequate rest between sets is key for efficient training, the device will display appropriate break intervals between sets to help users catch their breath and maximise their effort.

Users are able to install the update on their device via the Samsung Gear app now.
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