Problems with the iPhone 7 / Plus and how to fix them

Problems with the iPhone 7 / Plus and how to fix themThe latest iPhones aren’t aesthetically very different from their predecessors, save for less distinctive antenna lines and a couple of color options that look fantastic. These phones offer the expected upgrades in terms of specifications and features, but you get special additions like dust and water resistance, dual front-facing speakers, and particularly in the case of the iPhone 7 Plus, you get a new dual camera system that has proved to be quite impressive.

If you cannot live without a headphone jack, the iPhone 6s will be the better way to go, but for everything else, the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are worthy successors. However, like any smartphone or tablet, these devices are not without their issues. Which is why, we’ve rounded up some of the common problems that plague iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus owners, and offer potential solutions on how to fix them!

Problem #1 – New fingerprint scanner

This isn’t a problem as such, but quite a few people aren’t huge fans of the way the new fingerprint scanner works, with the need for two presses instead of just one. The haptic feedback that is available to mimic the tactile feel of a physical button is also not everybody’s cup of tea.

Potential solutions:

If you don’t like the new implementation, there are couple changes you can make in the Settings to address this. First, you can go to Settings – General – Accessibility – Home Button, and enable “Rest Finger to Open.” This will make it so that a second press will not be required, and kind of goes back to the way it was before.

There is also a way to set it up so that no button will need to be pressed. The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus (and their predecessors) come with a Raise to Wake feature which is enabled by default. Combine that with the setting above, and all you have to do to unlock the phone is pick it up and place your finger on the scanner.

Finally, if the haptic feedback is annoying, you can adjust the intensity in the same Home Button section in the Settings menu. It cannot be completely disabled however.

Problem #2 – No cellular connectivity after using Airplane mode

Many users have found that the device fails to reconnect to a cellular network after disabling Airplane mode.

Potential solutions:

This is a common issue that has been acknowledged by Apple, and a fix is in the works. Make sure that you keep your device updated whenever the next software updates come in.

Until then, simply enabling and disabling Airplane mode has worked for some people, but for the majority, a reboot is required for cellular connectivity to come back again.

Problem #3 – Hissing sound

A lot of iPhone 7 owners have found a weird hissing sound from the back of their phones, which starts when the device is under heavy usage, such as when playing games, or using the camera for a while. Particularly when recording video, some users have found this sound to completely ruin the audio that they are trying to capture.

Potential solutions:

While this is a common problem that has been acknowledged, and there has been the promise of a fix in a future update, whether the problem is software or hardware related is still unknown. If there is a hardware fault, the only option will be to pick up a replacement. On the other hand, a software-based issue will be fixed with an upcoming update.

There is no fix for this yet, but if it is a big concern, getting a replacement is the best option right now.

Problem #4 – “Cannot activate cellular data network” pop up appearing randomly

A few users have found a “Cannot activate cellular data network” message to pop up randomly. This is more of an annoyance though, as the data and carrier network connectivity doesn’t actually go down. That has been another issue, that has been fixed in an update recently.

Potential solutions:

This could potentially happen because of a faulty SIM card. Check to see if there are connection issues by testing the SIM in another phone. Or if it is easy, the best option would be to pick up a replacement SIM card.

Another cause could be if the network carrier hasn’t set up or updated your account properly. You can call the respective customer service and let them know the IMEI of your new phone. This particularly happens if you have switched to the iPhone from another smartphone OEM.

All said and done, don’t let this small list of problems deter you from picking up the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus. Both are excellent smartphones, that feature everything that Apple and iOS have to offer, and most of these problems will easily be fixed with upcoming software updates. There have been some key upgrades, like water resistance, front-facing stereo speakers, and dual cameras in the case of the 7 Plus, that make the latest iPhones particularly compelling. As millions of users will attest to, getting an iPhone is certainly not going to be a misstep by any means.
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