Is this the world's sweatiest robot?

Is this the world's sweatiest robot?Japanese engineers have been working on an interesting project. They managed to render human-like abilities to a robot. The Japanese humanoid robot doesn’t only have the shape of the human body, but it can also sweat. The feature is specific of living organisms, and it allows the machine to cool itself.

Researchers at the University of Tokyo were in charge of the project of the humanoid robot. They called it Kengoro. It is designed according to human-like features and abilities. It is 1. 7 meters tall, it has arms and legs, and a face.

When creating the Japanese humanoid robot, the specialists thought about the natural process of sweating. They explain that when we are doing physical exercises, we eliminate sweat from our organism, in order to prevent overheating. This is the mechanism that they used for developing their new robot.

It was not an easy task for engineers, as the perspiration process is natural in humans. In order to prevent overheating with devices, they require complex cooling systems. However, they found an ingenious way of equally distributing water to the motors of the robot so that it can perform efficiently. Kengoro has about one hundred eight motors and a “skeleton” with pore-like features.

The frame of the Japanese humanoid robot was created with the help of a technology similar to 3D printing. Specialists used the process of laser sintering in order to bind together the aluminum pieces which make the robot. The frame is not dense, which helps deionized water to infiltrate better in the system.

The researchers put their robot and its artificial perspiration system to the test. The device was able to do physical exercises for eleven minutes without a break and without overheating. It performed pushups with increased efficiency, thanks to the new system which allowed it to cool properly.

Developers of the Japanese humanoid robot also account for the fact that Kengoro can run for half a day thanks to the system. It only requires a cup of deionized water to help the sweating process. However, it is also prone to dehydration, just like humans.

Other features of the robot include durability and strength. A series of serious tests were performed on Kengoro before completing the work.

Scientists at the University of Tokyo wrote a paper on their latest invention. It was presented in front of other specialists at a conference in South Korea.
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