Scientists were able to break the law of Archimedes

Scientists were able to break the law of ArchimedesPhysicists were able to break the law of Archimedes. The researchers immobilized an air bubble in the liquid, not allowing him to rise to the surface, according to an article published in the journal

During the formation of bubbles in vivo, it is impossible to control the diameter and position in space. During the new study, researchers found that when the radius of curvature of the tip of the electrode in the range from one nanometer to a micrometer, and at a certain frequency and amplitude of the current bubbles appear at the same point on the edge nanoelectrodes.

In addition, researchers were also able to "freeze" the bubble in place by a drastic increase in current frequency. It turned out that even if it is then to move an electrode, the bubble will always be above it.

Despite the apparent immobility of the bubble, the molecules in it are in constant motion. On the surface all the time appeared the hydrogen and oxygen molecules, they are also included in it through the bottom of the film in and out through the top.

Previously, scientists from the Institute Langevin in Paris have demonstrated a method that allows you to deploy wave back and make them move in the opposite direction, restoring the source geometry.
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