Scientists have discovered the intuition center in the human brain

Scientists have discovered the intuition center in the human brainScientists at Johns Hopkins have discovered the intuition center in the human brain.

This is the "engine" that comes alive when people look at the deployment of physical events, not being in the visual center of the brain, and in some regions, dedicated to action planning. It is assumed that the brain performs physical calculations continuously, in real-time physics, so people are quickly willing to take any necessary action.

Professor Fischer, together with researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, conducted a series of experiments to find the areas of the brain involved in physical calculations.

With the help of computer programs, in which the subjects of people involved intuition, most responsive areas of the brain were found, located in the premotor and supplementary motor areas of the brain. That they are planning.

When viewing the participants of the experiment of different video, scientists have noted that the more physical content was in the video, the more activated the key regions of the brain.

"Our results suggest that physical intuition and planning actions are inextricably linked in the brain," - said Fisher, - "To reach out and grab something in the right place with the right amount of force, we need a physical understanding of the real-time mode. Brain activity reflects the amount of physical content to the movies, even if people unconsciously pay attention to it. This suggests that we are doing the physical inferences all the time, even when we do not even think. "

The findings give an idea of movement disorders such as apraxia, and, quite possibly, will help people with damage to motor areas of the brain.

A better understanding of how the brain performs physical calculations, can also enrich the development of robots.
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