Human blood circulation for the first time gave the electricity

Human blood circulation for the first time gave the electricityThe capacity of the blood flow was enough to provide electricity for a small display on the electronic ink.

Chemists at the University of Malmö (Sweden) and the Kurchatov Institute (Russia) experienced person fuel cell capable of generating electricity, while in the blood stream.

Its capacity was sufficient to provide electricity on a small display electronic ink.

The device consists of two graphite electrodes, across which is the flow of blood. Each of them occur some electrochemical reactions that produce electrical voltage. A similar process occurs between zinc and copper nails driven into lemon, whereby an electric current.

Volunteers from the research group introduced into the median cubital vein catheter at the other end was the fuel cell, through which the blood flowed into the container.

Scientists have measured the voltage and current generated by the element, and connected to it a small e-ink display. The power element is only 0.74 microwatt, but it was enough to change the picture on the display.

Operating voltage element was a few tenths of a volt. Total spent five such experiments, each time a volunteer lost 200 milliliters of blood.

All the previous work on the development of such devices were accompanied by experiments in vitro - "in vitro". They do not take into account the viscosity of the blood, its flow speed and other parameters of the human circulatory system.
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