Rightspeed helps you listen to audio books much faster

Rightspeed helps you listen to audio books much fasterPodcasts and audio books are enjoying tremendous popularity at the moment, and the new iOS app can help you speed-listen your way through your audio library.

Most audio book apps have the option to listen at 1.5x or faster, but have you ever wondered how quickly you can really listen to an audio book? That was the starting point for Max Deutsch, the app’s creator, and the idea behind the app.

“My top comfortable speed for audiobooks is currently around 5.3x” says Deutsch. “For podcasts, it’s around 4.5x.“

I gave it a whirl, and I’ve got to be honest, at about 3.5x my brain starts melting out of my ears, but I was surprised to see how quickly you get used to people whirling through paragraph and paragraphs at a speed Wile E Coyote would be profoundly jealous of.

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The app isn’t perfect, with the biggest challenge being related to getting content onto the app for listening in the first place. Without partnership and content deals, and without a library to tap into, the app feels like more of a technical experiment than a fully-functioning piece of software — but maybe a partnership with a content provider will prove an elegant way out of that particular hole.

The really clever feature built into the app is the option to automatically increase the listening speed over time. If activated, the app will increase your reading speed by 0.1x every two minutes. Doesn’t sound like much, but it’s a fantastic frog-in-slowly-warming-water approach to training yourself to become a speed-listener.

Another interesting aspect of this project is that Max wrote about the process of creating the app from beginning to end, explaining the idea, design process and the tradeoffs made along the way.

Source: Tech Crunch
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