Atlassian expands Jira Service Desk beyond IT teams

Atlassian today announced a set of new templates and workflows for Jira Service Desk that were purpose-built for HR, legal and facilities teams. Service Desk started six years ago as a version of Jira that was mostly meant for IT departments. Atlassian, however, found that other teams inside the companies that adopted it started to use it as well, including various teams at Twitter and Airbnb, for example. With todays update, its now making it easier for these teams, at least in legal, HR and facilities, to get started with Jira Service Desk without having to customize the product themselves.
Over the last six years, one of the observations that weve made was that we need to provide really good services the idea that we can provide great services to employees is really something that is really on the rise, said Edwin Wong, the head of the companys IT products. I think in the past, maybe we were a bit more forgiving in terms of what employees expected from services departments. But today youre just so used to great experiences in your consumer life and when you come to work, you expect the same.
Atlassian expands Jira Service Desk beyond IT teams

But lots of service teams, he argues, didnt have the tools to provide this experience, yet they were looking for tools to streamline their workflows (think onboarding for HR teams, for example) and to move from manual processes to something more automated and modern. Jira was already flexible enough to allow them to do this, but the new set of templates now codifies these processes for them.
Wong stressed this isnt just about tracking but also managing work across teams and providing them a more centralized hub for information. One of the big challenges that weve seen from many of the customers that weve spoken to is the challenge of just figuring out where to go when you want something, he said. When I have a new employee, where do I go to ask for a new laptop? Is that the same process as telling my facilities teams that perhaps there is an issue with a bathroom?
Atlassian is starting with these three templates because thats where it saw the most immediate need. Over time, Im sure well see the company get into other verticals as well.
Atlassian expands Jira Service Desk beyond IT teams
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