A look at the top trends exciting NYCs consumer VCs

To learn more about the next wave of consumer startup investment outside Silicon Valley, Im speaking to leading B2C-focused investors in various hubs about the trends theyre excited about right now.
Recently, I shared the responses from several London-based investors; today, we spoke to eight of New Yorks top consumer VCs:

Rebecca Kaden, Partner at Union Square Ventures

David Tisch, Founding Partner at BoxGroup

Anu Duggal, Founding Partner at Female Founders Fund

Craig Shapiro, Partner at Collaborative Fund

Jeremy Levine, Partner at Bessemer

Beth Ferreira, Partner at Firstmark Capital

Graham Brown, Partner at Lerer Hippeau Ventures

Eric Reiner, Partner at Sinai Ventures

Chris Paik, Partner at Pace Capital

Consumer health and banking startups were recurring areas of interest, and theres a sense that apps and product brands which provide a deeper sense of community are an untapped opportunity.

Rebecca Kaden, Partner at Union Square Ventures

At USV, we are focused on opportunities that broaden access by leveraging technology to increase value and decrease cost in big buckets of consumer spend. In doing so, we are looking for ways to make products and services previously available to a select segment available to many more. In particular, we have been investing in areas of consumer health where the delivery mechanism not only makes the care more convenient but also more affordable and higher quality; products and platforms in financial services that change the traditional underlying model to drive financial health for a mass customer; and opportunities that create new access to education both for kids and lifelong learners.
Within each of these segments, Ive been very interested in how new communities are forming inside productsusers that come for a specific offering are forming allegiance and increasing engagement by interacting with other users. I think that is a trend we will only see accelerate.

David Tisch, Founding Partner at BoxGroup

People are bored on their phones, not of their phones. I am most excited to meet founders working on consumer apps that bring happiness and fun to a mass consumer audience, as I continue to believe we are in the early days of mobile and the app store is not dead.
These apps may look like a game, they may be a game, or they may be a new feed, but TikTok, Twitch, HQ, Yolo and other Snap app kit apps, Tinder and others have shown consumers want new apps, the barrier for adoption and retention is just very high. All apps and games have a half-life, creating something with a very long one is really hard, but the demand is sitting on the phone scrolling thorough feeds, waiting for some new fun. We are excited about apps that allow people to interact with others in different ways, in new worlds, using new hardware, or new interfaces.

Londons top consumer VCs share which trends theyre tracking
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