Week in Review: #DeleteLinkedIn

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Last week, I talked about SoftBanks big embarrassment and how it could impact venture capital.
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The big story

Before you dial up a quick search, no, LinkedIn isnt currently caught in a scandal, but does a product need to have a deeply toxic culture, corrupt democracy or have an ICE contract for you to boycott it? Cant the product itself just be bad?
Ive thought about writing this for a long time because LinkedIn does serve some purposes, but its not a professional network, for the lay user its not much of anything.
Its built for recruiters and salespeople, and, yeah, Im sure they will have plenty of great things to say about the doors that have been opened to them, but what about the employed consumers who value professional development and have been convinced that a LinkedIn account is a necessity? Facebook has taught consumers that our data is the price to use their services, but at least we get a little something out of that deal. LinkedIn is just a CRM where the customers all populate their own cells of the spreadsheet. It gives users spam and pop-ups that seem designed to help them find where the notifications settings on their phones are.

LinkedIn is a sith lord of dark pattern design
Lucas Matney (@lucasmtny) August 26, 2019
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