Supercrosss anticipated EV class not ready for primetime in 2020

Motorcycle racing series Supercross isnt quite ready to add an EV class.
The sport where riders race high-performance machines on jump-filled stadium tracks currently fields only gas-powered two-wheelers.
Supercross was poised to launch an all electric class this month, by converting its junior program to a new e-moto manufactured by KTM Supercross Director of Operations Dave Prater told TechCrunch in April.
We havent one-hundred-percented it yet, but its fairly close and weregoing to race that electric KTM in October, he said.
That wont likely happen for the upcoming 2020 season, but input from Supercross and KTM indicates the launch of a junior EV class could be imminent.
On why it didnt kick-off in October, That would be a KTM question, Prater told TechCrunch on a call this week.
As a company were embracing EV racing. At the moment, were beholden to the OEMs and how quickly they want to introduce it into the mix, he added.
The first-mover OEM could still be KTM and the first electric class the juniors.
The KTM Junior racing in Supercross is an incredible experience for a small group of kids and their parents. Atsome point we might start using the SX-E5, KTMs Group Marketing Manager for North America Tom Moen told TechCrunch in an email.
We cant have them racing something that is not readily available, he added.
Supercrosss anticipated EV class not ready for primetime in 2020
KTMs SX-E5 launched in the U.S. this month, but wont be available in dealerships until late November, according to Moen.
So for now, there appears to be a timing gap between Supercross and KTM.
Another area to watch for the introduction of e-moto competition according to Moen is outdoor dirt series Motocross, the rules of which (like Supercross) are governed by the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA).
The AMAis working on classes for the AMA Loretta Lynns championships for 2020, which is the national amateur MX series, the finals happen late summer, this is much more important racing wise, Moen said.
TechCrunch has an inquiry into AMA for confirmation and will update accordingly.
One hurdle to entering electric motorcycles in AMA gas racing is how to classify battery powered two-wheelers compared to internal combustion engines that the AMA classes based on displacement, AMA off-road racing manager Erek Kudla explained to TechCrunch in April.
The other potentially larger hurdle (as Supercrosss Dave Prater alluded to) is the lack of an OEM produced competition e-moto capable of racing at or near the specs of the high-performance gas machines that run in Supercross and Motocross.
California based EV startup Alta Motors had come the closest toward creating an e-moto toward that endeavor, but went bankrupt before getting there.

E-moto startup Alta Motors reportedly powers down
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