Github removes Tsunami Democratics APK after a takedown order from Spain

Microsoft-owned Github has removed the APK of an app for organizing political protests in the autonomous community of Catalonia acting on a takedown request from Spains military police (aka the Guardia Civil).
As we reported earlier this month supporters of independence for Catalonia have regrouped under a new banner calling itself Tsunami Democratic with the aim of rebooting the political movement and campaigning for self-determination by mobilizing street protests and peaceful civil disobedience.
The group has also been developing bespoke technology tools to coordinate protest action. Its one of these tools, the Tsunami Democratic app, which was being hosted as an APK on Github and has now been taken down.
The app registers supporters of independence by asking them to communicate their availability and resources for taking part in local protest actions across Catalonia. Users are also asked to register for protest actions and check-in when they get there at which point the app asks them to abide by a promise of non-violence (see point 3 in this sample screengrab):
Github removes Tsunami Democratics APK after a takedown order from Spain

Users of the app see only upcoming protests relevant to their location and availability making it different to the one-to-many broadcasts that Tsunami Democratic also puts out via its channel on the Telegram messaging app.
Essentially, its a decentalized tool for mobilizing smaller, localized protest actions vs the largest demos which continue to be organized via Telegram broadcasts (such as a mass blockade of Barcelona airport, earlier this month).
A source with knowledge of Tsunami Democratic previously told us the sorts of protests intended to be coordinated via the app could include actions such as go-slows to disrupt traffic on local roads and fake shopping sprees in supermarkets, with protestors abandoning carts filled with products in the store.
In a section of Githubs site detailing government takedowns the request from the Spanish state to remove the Tsunami Democratic app sits alongside folders containing historical takedown requests from China and Russia.
There is an ongoing investigation being carried out by the National High Court where the movement Tsunami Democratic has been confirmed as a criminal organization driving people to commit terrorist attacks. Tsunami Democratics main goal is coordinating these riots and terrorist actions by using any possible mean, Spains military police write in the letter sent to Github.
Weve reached out to Microsoft for comment on Githubs decision to remove the app APK.
In a note about government takedowns on Githubs website it writes:
From time to time, GitHub receives requests from governments to remove content that has been declared unlawful in their local jurisdiction. Although we may not always agree with those laws, we may need to block content if we receive a valid request from a government official so that our users in that jurisdiction may continue to have access to GitHub to collaborate and build software.
GitHub does not endorse or adopt any assertion contained in the following notices, it adds in a further caveat on the page.
The trigger for the latest wave of street demonstrations in Catalonia were lengthy jail sentences handed down to a number of Catalan political and cultural leaders by Spains Supreme Court earlier this month.
These were people involved in organizing an illegal independence referendum two years ago. The majority of these Catalan leaders were convicted for sedition. None were found guilty of the more serious charge of rebellion but sentences ran as long as 13 years nonetheless.
This month Spanish judges also reissued a European arrest warrant seeking to extradite the former leader of the Catalan government, Carles Puigdemont, from Brussels to Spain to face trial. Last year a court in Germany refused his extradition to Spain on charges of rebellion or sedition only allowing it on lesser grounds of misuse of public funds. A charge which Spain did not pursue.
Puigdemont fled Catalonia in the wake of the failed 2017 independence bid and has remained living in exile in Brussels. He has also since been elected as an MEP but has been unable to take up his seat in the EU parliament after the Spanish state moved to block him from being recognized as a parliamentarian.
Shortly after the latest wave of pro-independence demonstrations took off in Catalonia the Tsunami Democratic movements website was taken offline also as a result of a takedown request by the Spanish state.
Sergio Arguelles (@arguellesergio) October 18, 2019
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