Changing climate could mean webbed feet for future humans (VIDEO)

Changing climate could mean webbed feet for future humans (VIDEO)A paleoanthropologist in the U.K. has predicted that humans could evolve to develop webbed hands and feet, cat-like eyes, and smaller lungs if they are forced to live in or around water given sea level rises; he also described new features related to two other extreme scenarios.

Environmental changes are causing animals to adapt, and one scientist believes humans may be no exception. According to U.K. paleoanthropologist Dr. Matthew Skinner, rising sea levels due to glacial melt could cause people to develop new features in order to survive in or around larger quantities of water. They include webbed hands and feet, less hair for streamlined swimming, cat-like eyes to better see into low-light depths, and smaller lungs aided by artificial breathing mechanisms. He adds, “Due to the cold environment of being submerged in water regularly, we would maintain a layer of ‘baby fat’ into adulthood as an insulator.” In addition to the watery scenario, Skinner predicted how humans could change if an asteroid struck and few remained or if people lived on other planets. In the former case, he believes survivors would be physically larger and more focused on appearance; in the latter, outer space dwellers would become smaller in the absence of predators, among other factors.

Source: GeoBeats News
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