Notes from the Samsung Galaxy Fold: day six

Im starting to get that thing where my iPhone XS screen feels super tiny when I switch back from the Fold to send a text message from my number. Someone recently asked me if Im going to have trouble giving the device back to Samsung in a few days, and while the answer is a decided not really, the march toward even larger screens does feel inevitable and I do believe folding phones will be an important part of that push.
Of course, I also believe that were as close as a generation or two out from this first shot on that foldable feeling pretty big and bulky (some folks whove seen the phone have already said as much about it). Im back at the airport today, and both airline representatives and TSA agents (who see a LOT of phones as people are checking in) seem pretty impressed with it.
I had the phone standing up at a 45 degree angle on the bathroom sink this morning to watch the news as I brushed my teeth. Thats pretty neat. And If Id had the forethought, I have loaded a couple of movies on it for the flight. It definitely beats the seatback screens on Delta.
In addition to the fingerprints on the outside, the inside gets like crazy dusty after any kind of use. And a lot of that collects in the little reservoir between the screen protector and the outside lip.
The top shot is from yesterdays As game (the dark line along the seam is a shadow). You can use the front facing screen as a view finder while taking photos, but its pretty small. The inside, meanwhile, makes you feel like one of those people who use their iPads to take photos in public. Once you get over that, its a pretty nice way to view shots, though.
And no, its not broken yet. Were still waiting for official word from Samsung about what happened there. The Fold is on track for an April 26 release here in the States, in spite of everything, and even as a China release appears be delayed.
Review soon.
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