David Copperfields secret magic techniques crash-landed on the Moon

The loss of Israels Beresheet lander during its descent to the lunar surface was unfortunate, but the mission was still largely a success and has certainly created an interesting cultural artifact on the moon where it impacted. Perhaps more interesting than we could have known: It turns out David Copperfield stashed the secrets to his illusions onboard, and they may have survived the crash.
The data was kept on one of the Arch Mission Foundations tiny, high-capacity, high-endurance archival devices, meant to act as libraries or time capsules in a variety of sci-fi-sounding scenarios like extraterrestrial visits or the near-extinction of humans. Theyre nearly indestructible, and one was on Beresheet.
In a plot twist no one could have seen coming, among the data encoded on the DVD-sized (but much more sophisticated) storage medium are the famous magicians secret technological innovations. Yes, David Copperfield shot his tricks to the moon, and no, it doesnt sound like its just some old ones or previously published information (I asked).
David Copperfields secret magic techniques crash-landed on the Moon
When I was introduced to the Arch Mission Foundation, I was immediately enamored with the mission to preserve our civilization, and the possibilities of what we might do together, Copperfield said in a press release. One of my heroes is George Melies, one of the fathers of modern cinema and also a great magician. His most famous movie was A Trip to the Moon, which in 1902 visualized people landing on the Moon. It inspired a generation of scientists to actually achieve it, and 70 years later we actually landed on the Moon. Now 50 years later, were landing magic on the Moon. Were bringing it full circle and I find that kind of poetic.
There you have it. Quite absurd, but why not?
As for the device, AMF has put together a small team (including Stephen Wolfram) to look into what may have happened to it on impact.
We have either installed the first library on the moon, or we have installed the first archaeological ruins of early human attempts to build a library on the moon, read a preliminary document by the team containing various figures relating the crash and potential survival of the device.
Although AMF co-founder Nova Spivack said in the press release that every indication thus far suggests that the Lunar Library is intact on the Moon, the truth is there arent that many positive indications just yet.
David Copperfields secret magic techniques crash-landed on the Moon
Mission control lost contact with Beresheet when it was only 150 meters from the surface; it would have impacted about a second later with about 956 m/s of horizontal velocity, which translates to over 2,000 miles per hour. So this thing was going faster than a bullet and was considerably less durable. The wreckage is likely strewn over kilometers of the lunar surface.
We think it is highly unlikely that the Lunar Library was atomized in the impact, writes the team. Without knowing the impact energy directed at the library, its hard to know how the stack fared. But taking the construction of the Lunar Library into account, we believe it has a high chance of being intact.
It isnt just an archival-quality disc or something. Its a special 25-layer sandwich of nickel and epoxy, the bottom 21 layers of which are filled with digital data. This is the information most at risk, since, like snapping a DVD in half, you cant just put the pieces back together and hope the 0s and 1s align again.
But the top 4 layers are essentially a form of high-durability microfiche, etched with tiny letters that could be read with a basic microscope. These you really could just piece back together. The 60,000 pages of analog data include the Arch Mission Primer, selections from Wikipedia, The Wearable Rosetta, The Israeli Time Capsule, a selection of books and potentially all or some of the not-yet-announced secret Vaults of content.

Israels Beresheet spacecraft is lost during historic lunar landing attempt
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