Zero Motorcycles leads in electric motorcycles as BRP scoops up Altas remains

As the mobility world awaits Harley Davidsons EV debut, theres plenty of motion in the e-moto startup space.
Zero Motorcycles unveiled its new 110 horsepower SR/F model in New York this week, offering a 200 mile range, one hour charge capability, and top speed of 124 mph.
The California based startupwhose investors include New York VC firm Invuswired the SR/F with Zeros new Cypher III operating system and Boschs Motorcycle Stability Control.
Zero Motorcycles leads in electric motorcycles as BRP scoops up Altas remains
Both combine to offer remotely synced mobile connectivity to the motorcycles charge status and performance controls. The 485 pound SR/F is upgraded from Zeros existing line-up to include cornering ABS, traction control, and a new app and dash interface.
Zeros two-wheeler comes in at an entry price of $18,995. On the business side, the EV startup could produce as many as 10,000 SR/Fs and add members to its 200 dealer network, CEO Sam Paschel told TechCrunch in New York.
Zero Motorcycles leads in electric motorcycles as BRP scoops up Altas remains
Zeros SR/F enters the e-moto market in a year where EV startups will face more competition on specs and pricing, and big motorcycle manufacturers will feel more pressure to go electric.
From a business perspective, as TechCrunch has reported, the U.S. motorcycle industry has been in pretty bad shape since the recession. New sales dropped by roughly 50 percent since 2008, with sharp declines in ownership by everyone under 40. The exception is women, who have become the only growing motorcycle ownership segment.
E-moto upstarts have worked to attract new riders and close gaps with gas motorcycles in performance and costbut most offerings have come with some compromise.
Italian company Energicas models hit high marks in tech controls and performancewith 150 horsepower, 30 minute fast-charge times, and 125 mile rangebut not without a hefty price of $20K and up.
Lightning Motorcycles, another California based e-moto startup, offers ultra-high end of performance, claiming the worlds fastest production motorcycle in the world with its LS-218. But the $38K, 218 mph, track bred e-moto isnt exactly average rider accessible.
Zero Motorcycles leads in electric motorcycles as BRP scoops up Altas remains

Zero Motorcycles has found the widest market and model breadth, with prices starting at $8K on its FX model. Still, Zeros e-motos (including the $16K SR) havent matched the performance control options, specs, or charge-times of the higher priced Energica Ego or Eva.
In 2019, Zeros new machineand a model being teased by Lightningcould bridge gaps in performance, range, charge-times, and price that have held many back from going e-motorcycle.
With its Bosch MSC system and upgraded operating system, the fully redesigned SR/F matches Energica in digital performance controls and comes close on power and speed at a more competitive price.
As TechCrunch reported, Lightning began taking reservations for a $12,998 Strike e-moto with some almost unbelievable stats at that price: 150 mph top speed, 35 minute charge-time, and 150 mile range. Lighting calls it their first premium mass-market motorcycle, with plans to unveil sometime in March.
Both Zero and Lightnings 2019 models are positioned to compete with Harley Davidsons EV entry, the $29K LiveWire expected to debut sometime this summer. HD revealed more product specs recently, such as 3 second 0-60 mph acceleration and 110 mile range. Harley Davidson has also indicated it plans a full pivot to electric, with additional e-motorcycles in the pipeline, as well as e-bicycles and scooters.
Harleys electric moves, as well as Zero and Lightnings more competitive offerings, could hasten major motorcycle manufacturers plans to sell e-motos. None of the big names producersHonda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, BMWhave offered a production electric street motorcycle in the U.S. HD will be the first.
Zero Motorcycles leads in electric motorcycles as BRP scoops up Altas remains

With momentum in the motorcycle world shifting electric, there are more than a few caveats as to whether theres a viable U.S. market. In addition to the contracting sales environment, the e-moto startup space has racked up a series of failures. These include Brammo, Mission Motorcycles, and more recently, Alta Motorsa California based EV venture backed by $45 million in VC that ceased operations in October. Alta had a partnership with Harley Davidson (now defunct) and theres been little light shed on what forced them to shut off the lights.
Alta Motors resurfaced last week, when Canadian company BRPthe owner of such brands as snowmobile maker Ski-Doo and watercraft producer Sea-Dooacquired select Assets of Alta. There had been hopes someone would purchase and revive the California e-moto startup, but that looks unlikely. We dont have any current plans for resuscitating Alta Motors in its old form, BRPs Vice President for Communications Leslie Quinton told TechCrunch. We have no plans yet to announce how were going to use the technologies, she said.
So as Harley Davidson, Zero, and Lightning move to mainstream electric motorcycles in 2019, it appears another e-moto startup has officially faded into history.
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