Mozilla streamlines Firefox tracker blocking controls

Mozilla has rolled out what it bills as enhanced and simplified controls for Firefox users to manage how they block trackers.
An update to its browser software, released today, offers a redesigned interface which includes new controls that let users choose from standard, strict or custom settings to help them control online trackers.
Trackers refer to content embedded on websites that surreptitiously harvests information about visitors browsing activity often for ad targeting purposes.
Using a tracker blocker is therefore one way to claw back a little online privacy. Although trackers can be used for lots of functions. Hence you may not want to block em all.
With the latest version of the Firefox browser the strict level of tracker blocking is for people who want a bit more protection and dont mind if some sites break, according to Mozilla. This mode also blocks trackers in all Windows.
Whereas standard is summed up as a set it and forget it mode that blocks known trackers but only when the user is using Private Browsing mode.
The standard mode will also block third party tracking cookies in the future. Though Mozilla looks to still be tweaking and testing that.
The third option is a custom tracker blocker mode which it says is for those who want complete control to pick and choose what trackers and cookies they want to block. This mode lets users choose whether or not to block trackers in all windows, or only in Private Browsing windows; and also to select different block lists.
On cookies, the custom option also lets users pick from blocking third-party trackers; cookies from unvisited websites; all third-party cookies (which Mozilla warns may cause websites to break); and all cookies (which it says will cause websites to break).
Mozilla streamlines Firefox tracker blocking controls
Mozilla has updated Firefox with a redesigned interface for tracker blocking
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