What is real situation with juvenile crime in Ukraine?

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During the weekend, all TV channels and social networks shared a video from Odesa, where schoolgirls brutally beat a girl.
It's morally difficult to look at such things, but if you do not share it, the investigation on this case may not start also.
The problem exists, however, such videos distort the real situation and give the impression that all the young people are like that.
Myths and reality of juvenile delinquency in Ukraine (briefly).
- The criminal activity of adolescents is really 10 times higher than that of adults;
- the growth of juvenile delinquency in Ukraine exceeds the birth rate. This means that more people who have not reached the age of 18 resort to the crimes;
- the age of the highest criminal activity is 16-17 years.
But this is a myth that "there was not such youth in the USSR." Thus, from 1972 to 1991 in the USSR juvenile delinquency tripled. And the pioneer organization did not solve the problem of leisure of teenagers. And the cruelty existed also, it just wasn’t filmed on smartphones and shared on the Internet.
The crime of minors also grew in independent Ukraine until 2006. Then it gradually began to decline, acquiring more or less stable and predictable indicators.
But - and this is another myth - it began to decline not due to improvements in the country and the work of law enforcement agencies, but because in the early 1990s the birth rate had fallen dramatically. That is, until 2006, there were significantly fewer adolescents than 10 years before.
In addition, the formal decrease in juvenile delinquency was affected by changes in the criminal code. So, the amount of theft, after which criminal responsibility comes, increased. And minors most often commit theft. That is, most of them after the changes in the legislation began to bear administrative, and not criminal liability.
Who is to blame for the fact that minors commit crimes[/img]

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