Million dollar hackers: Who and how robbed the world on behalf of Fin7

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On August 1, the US Department of Justice announced the arrest of three Ukrainian citizens for participating in the international hacking organization Fin7, which for several years has attacked more than a hundred companies in the US, as well as companies in the UK, Australia and France.
The capture of "high-ranking members" of the group has not yet affected the overall activity of Fin7 on the network, but US law enforcement agencies are convinced - it's a matter of time.
"Cybercriminals who believe that they can hide behind their keyboards somewhere in distant countries are mistaken, we will continue our work with partners around the world to identify them and hold them accountable for the damage they cause,"  said prosecutor Annette Hayes.
Fin7, aka Carbanak Group and Navigator Group
According to the estimates of American law enforcement officers, the Fin7 hacking organization is very powerful and has many names - Carbanak Group, Navigator Group, etc.
As noted by local media, in fact, its activities are reminiscent of the work of a technology company - with employees around the world, a strict working schedule and a strong research unit. But nobody knows exactly where the group members are and how to stop their activity.
The main goal of Fin7 is the theft of credit cards in retail and hotel business.
So, according to the information of American law enforcers, at least since 2015, the members of the group attacked more than 100 companies in the US, mainly in the restaurant, game and hotel industry.
In parallel, additional hacking actions occurred abroad, including in the UK, Australia and France.
Among the networks that have publicly announced hacker attacks, there are well-known companies all over the world: Chipotle Mexican Grill, Chili's, Arby's, Red Robin and Jason's Deli.
In general, Fin7 hacked thousands of computer systems and stole millions of credit and debit card numbers of customers, which subsequently used or sold receiving a profit.
"Only in the United States the group successfully disrupt the computer networks operation in companies in 47 states and the District of Columbia, having stolen data from more than 15 million client cards from trading terminal systems," the US Department of Justice said.
Experts in the field of computer technology suggest that, given how many years Fin7 has been working, there is at least a billion dollars in the hands of its members already.
How hackers from Fin7 robbed the world
To steal credit card data, the Fin7 hacking organization used sophisticated phishing schemes, the victims themselves infected their work networks and did not suspect anything was amiss.
Million dollar hackers: Who and how robbed the world on behalf of Fin7

112 Agency
Based on materials from the US Department of Justice, everything began with e-mail. Hackers sent to each of the victims messages adapted specially for him on behalf of the representative of this or that business, which he was interested in. For example, with a suggestion to buy something or book a room.
When the victim made the order, he or she received the calls of allegedly representatives of the company from the service sector with a reminder that it needs to be confirmed. Then they received the appropriate message with an attachment.
After the attached file was opened and activated, Fin7 launched malicious Carbanak software in addition to the arsenal of other tools. Eventually, the group members got access to the computer of the victim and stole the data of the payment cards.
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