Leak of toxic substances reported in Warsaw

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A leakage of toxic substances reported in the main cargo terminal in Warsaw. As the RMF writes, the victims complained of a headache and nausea.

According to the captain of the Warsaw fire brigade Wojciech Kapczinski, a team of specialists conducts a substance analysis to understand "what is this, what are we dealing with and what are the possible threats".

It was preliminary established that the leak occurred from one of the barrels, in which, probably, benzyl cyanide was transported. This substance can strongly affect the skin, eyes and respiratory tract.
Earlier Jaroslaw Szarek, the Chairman of the] (IPN) claimed that Warsaw cannot choose the heroes for Kyiv but it also cannot keep silent on ‘the UPA crimes against the Poles in Volyn’. He claimed this to
‘The IPN cannot define the heroes for the Ukrainians to choose. However, the institute cannot keep silent on the crimes against the Poles committed in Volyn and Eastern Lesser Poland’, Szarek claimed.
However, Szarek added such heroes as Symon Petlyura and General Marko Bezruchko who defended Zamosc from the Bolsheviks can unite the Ukrainians and the Poles.
According to the Chairman of the IPN, Holodomor in Ukraine, illegal activity of the Catholic Church, the activity of the anti-communist figures in 1970-s can be the common historical topics that can unite Poland and Ukraine instead of dividing them.
Szarek added that the cooperation in the exchange of the archival documents develops well between Poland and Ukraine.
Also, 1.500 pages of the archival documents in Polish and Ukrainian languages concerning the activity of the communist security services against OUN and UPA at the territory of Poland will be published in a few weeks.
The relations between Kyiv and Warsaw escalated during the recent time due to the disagreement on the historical issues. The details are revealed in the article ‘War of memorials: Relations between Ukraine and Poland deteriorated again’.
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