Why authorities in Ukraine try to prohibit free use of drones?

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Someone mysterious and not very clever in the State Aviation Service decided under the pretext of regulating drone flights to prohibit their free use in Ukraine. He could have written out reasonable conditions, but no. Everything is as usual.
In fact, drones are divided into two types - up to 2 kg and more than 2 kg. The fact that a drone with a body kit and the camera weighs more than 2 kg, apparently, transfers all drones to the most stringent conditions of use.
About the flight of a drone weighing more than 2 kg authorities must be warned in advance by applying to the Ukraerocenter. Namely - until 12:00 the day before the flight. And this despite the fact that in Ukraine there is only one such office. Want to run a drone with a child[/img]

1. Flights are not performed:
- over national roads (international, national, regional, territorial)
- along the central streets of cities, towns, and villages.
2. You can fly drone only during the day. Forget on flights in the evening.
3. It is forbidden to fly above and along power lines. Along? They are everywhere! If I launch the drone at a distance of 30 meters from the power line, I’m already the perpetrator.
4. You can fly your drone only at a height of 50 meters. And that's all!
5. It is forbidden to fly over industrial zones.
6. Flights are performed:
- no closer than 30 m from a person not associated with the implementation of these flights;
- no closer than 50 m from groups of people to 12 persons who are outside the premises, as well as animals, vehicles, ships, boats, private property;
- no closer than 150 m from groups of people with more than 12 persons who are outside the premises and from the development areas of multi-storey apartment houses, as well as above mentioned groups and areas.
I translate from bureaucratic to common language. It is forbidden to shoot marches, rallies, public events, football matches and just any events. Because you cannot fly the drone closer than at a distance of 150 meters near a group of more than 12 people. Do you remember how the Maidan was filmed? So as it turns out, this was a violation.
But the most interesting is that now journalists will not be able to take photos of the real estate of high-ranking corrupt officials. Journalists shouldn’t shoot compromising material, and then publish it in their stories. Do you want to shoot? Obtain permission in Ukraerocenter and coordinate the flight with the owner of the facility. What is the probability of this, answer for yourself.
All this and many other things are said in the Provisional Order of Using the Airspace of Ukraine.
It is clear that this carries corruption risks, restricts the rights and freedoms of citizens, as well as directly violates the Constitution of Ukraine regarding the presumption of innocence (Article 63) and the right to freely collect information (Article 34). Therefore, these conditions will be abolished, but I already tired of this systemic thrust of bureaucracy to limit the ability of citizens. The official is not the master of destinies, but the attendant. And while Ukrainian officials will not learn this axiom, like "Our Father," nothing good in their relations with citizens is foreseen.
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