Armed attacks, extortions, frauds: Kyiv's criminal environment

Armed attacks, extortions, frauds: Kyiv's criminal environment

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The following selection is not supposed to freak people out. It is a well-known fact that Kyiv is a big city, with several million people living there. Unfortunately - and that's another fact - big cities often attract all sorts of criminals; some people get into fights, some grab knives during such fights, some kill their opponents - intentionally or by mistake. Anyone can get in such sort of trouble. 
So, this is for those willing to get a better look into the criminal environment in Kyiv since the beginning of 2018.
Armed attacks, extortions, frauds: Kyiv's criminal environment

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May 2
An outrageous attack on Donbas conflict veteran occurred in Kyiv. A group of unknown assailants attacked Dmytro Verbych, the defender of Donetsk aiport - one of those who survived that battle. 
“One of the attackers hit the victim with a sharp object in the back and used a gas cartridge. At the moment, he the man is in the hospital, where he is provided with necessary medical help,” the police reported. It was later added that Verbych fought back, which repelled the attackers.
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Verbych's friends arrived at the site, applied a bandage and took him to the hospital. 
The case became a high-profile. Later, it turned out that one of the attackers was a daughter of an official serving in Ukraine's Defence Ministry.
Armed attacks, extortions, frauds: Kyiv's criminal environment

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April 16

A fight occurred in the Ukrainian capital; as the five brawlers mixed it up, one of them threw a hand grenade to the ground. 
Vlad Antonov, the CEO of project posted that on Facebook. 
The drunken man who threw the grenade appeared to be Donbas conflict veteran, Antonov wrote. 'One of the fighters was seriously injured. They took him to a hospital with multiple wounds of the lower body. The attacker suffered as well... he hit the ground twice during detention', the post said.

March  6
A man was stabbed to death in the government quarter in Lyuteranska Street as the press service of the Kyiv police reported.
‘It was reported about 10:30 am that a man with a stab wound lies on a street in Pechersk district. The patrols, crime scene investigation teams of a district and main departments of police immediately came to the scene of the crime. Soon the doctors in the ambulance pronounced the suffered dead. It was established that the victim is a 37-year-old local citizen’, the message said.
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The local media reported that the victim was approaching a car parked in the yard, when the two suspects attacked him. 
Armed attacks, extortions, frauds: Kyiv's criminal environment

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February 10
Another resonant murder occurred in Kyiv. In broad daylight, the chef of the Odesa restaurant Cooper Burgers Ruslan Yurchenko was stabbed at a public transport stop. He was killed by a serviceman of the 72nd separate mechanized brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who recently returned from the area of the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) in Donbas. 
According to the testimony of the eyewitnesses, the murder was due to a heated verbal exchange in the bus queue line. "The young man tried to enter public transport without waiting in line, the older passenger reprimanded him. The young man reacted aggressively and a verbal conflict arose between men. After that, the young participant of this quarrel moved to the metro station... He bought a table knife, took it from the sleeve of his jacket and stabbed his opponent," the police said.
The wounded fell on the snow in front of the bus, and the attacker quickly walked towards the bus station and disappeared.
January 29
The shooting occurred in Kyiv's Shevchenkivsky district. Two people suffered a gunshot wound, one of them died as the press service of the National Police in Kyiv reported.
'It was reported to the police at that a man was shot at Laherna Street in Shevchenkivsky district. The response team of the patrol police, crime scene investigation team and officers of the canine unit were sent to the scene of the crime', the police reported.

Oksana Blyshchyk, the spokeswoman of the National Police of Kyiv reported to 112 Ukraine that the shooting took place in the point of the national lottery stall.
'The stall with the point of the national lottery is situated there. Preliminary, there were five representatives of the private security firm and an administrator at the moment of the attack. According to the eyewitnesses, seven people in black uniform ran inside the stall. The fight began and then a few shots ranged. Then the trespassers ran at the different directions', Blyshchyk said.
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