How Kyiv police will ensure security during May holidays?

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The head of the Kyiv Police, Andriy Kryshchenko, told about the current situation in the capital, about how the police are preparing to ensure security during the May holidays, why the police did not prevent Roma community expulsion from Lysa Hora.
Soon we have the long May holidays. How will the police ensure security[/img]

Communist symbolism is prohibited. What measures will be applied to those who still come out with it?
Communist symbols and St. George's ribbons are being confiscated by the police, there is a corresponding law. St. George's ribbons and communist symbols will not be admitted unequivocally. With people who use it, explanatory work will be conducted, who will not understand - will be detained with the protocol.
Why do we see noticeably more Roma in Kiev, in particular at a railway station?
Roma came to Kyiv for the funeral week. This is a seasonal influx. Roma are citizens of Ukraine, with the same passports and rights, as well as duties. They lead a less socialized way of life than most people do. Yes, perhaps they cause unpleasant feelings, noisy behave, have not always neatly look. But the police do not divide people on ethnic, racial and other grounds. Sleeping at the station – they are waiting for the train. When there was this influx, although the police did not divide people by any signs, we understand that there are certain types of crimes that are traditionally committed by Roma, and patrolling at the railway station was intensified. There were additional patrols, these people were checked. When there was such a need, they checked their tickets. They mostly went to Transcarpathia, to Berehove. This is on the one hand. On the other hand, we almost daily detain Roma who commit crimes: they are pocket thefts, often - the sellers of drugs. All measures are applied to them. If they make too much noise, administrative protocols are being filed.
For the period when this wave rose, there was no splash of crimes. They came on weekends, on memorial days, to cemeteries of Kyiv, collected what people left. This caused this splash.
Tell us about the burning of the Roma camp on Lysa Hora. What happened there?
In Kyiv, there are several places where Roma traditionally place their tents. These places are under the close attention of both the police and local authorities. About Lysa Hora. Policemen with representatives of services for minors were repeatedly called there. There are children in these camps, and they are not provided with sufficient conditions, so this work was carried out. Most of these Roma came to memorial days, and they left. Yes, they left a lot of debris, but this garbage was burnt. We do not have a single complaint of Roma for beatings or violence. And, as far as I know, during this weekend, when garbage was burned, there were representatives of the district administration and there were firemen.
We very clearly understand when the police can intervene, and when it can’t. We will not allow anyone to disperse these temporary settlements if they do not violate the laws. Although the protocols were repeatedly filed there: they cut down the plantings and polluted the territory. But this is a question not only of the police but also of social services, communal services, local authorities.
What about the current situation in the city?
In general, everything is in order. In Obolon district today we found the body of a woman. The case is under investigation. The body was found in a communal apartment, with bodily injuries.
But there are fewer murders this year, almost all of them are solved, about 95%. Instead, we have many suicides. In a day there are two or three. Some days there were 5 suicides: two shot themselves, two hanged and one jumped out of the window. Usually, we have one or two a week.
And the last loud case - men beat and robbed the saxophonist. Allegedly, they took away an expensive saxophone. He was beaten, yes. They found out that there was a mutual fight. To the place of the fight he came by taxi, and as far as we have already established, he could not pay, he ran away from the taxi, where he forgot his saxophone. Then he drunk began to talk to people, and a fight started, he fell and smashed his head. Bodily injuries were inflicted on him, we are investigating, but everything is not as straightforward as he said. And we will find a saxophone.
It became warmer, and more children began to leave. Yesterday, the father lost a 5-year-old boy. He drank with a friend and forgot about him, but we found his son in the evening.
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