Almost 50% of Ukraine Food containing antibiotics, reveal them now will be more difficult - expert

Almost 50% of Ukraine Food containing antibiotics, reveal them now will be more difficult - expertThe state of research on the quality of products in Kiev a year allocated only 50 thousand hryvnias.

This was on one of the radio stations of the capital director of the Association of suppliers of retailers Alex Doroshenko.

According to experts, the difficulty of monitoring the quality of dairy products is still that same expertise to the content of antibiotics is expensive.

For color, it is different, the smell too. The difficulty is that the expertise to identify antibiotics is expensive. To help you understand the state of research on all products in Kiev, which is sold on markets, shops, this year has allocated only 50 thousand hryvnias. So be held from 15 to 20 examinations at all foodstuffs. It now falls on the shoulders of public organizations at their own expense do examination.

As experts say, antibiotics are almost 50% of Ukrainian products. That is virtually every other packaging milk can contain antibiotics.

"This applies, unfortunately, not only for adult products, but also products for children", - said O. Doroshenko.

He added that the law prohibits the use of such substances in dairy products.

"But because the state samousunulasya from solving all the problems, it is only with the help of NGOs, stakeholders can do to draw attention to this problem, make the largest possible number of examinations and highlight it through the media", - the expert added.

O. Doroshenko said that Ukraine has a "very bad dairy products."

"Even the most dairy products, and most raw milk. And as long as Ukraine does not come to foreigners who invest a lot of money in it milk, not build large farms, until we deal with this problem, "- he said.

Recall that in the children's dairy products two Ukrainian companies discovered antibiotics.

Thus, in Ukraine, according to the explanations of experts, legislation does not set the rules of acceptable content of antibiotics in children's nutrition.

Such rules should develop MOH.

Anyway, but according to experts J. Openka content of antibiotics in any quantity is in baby food should be inadmissible.

"But I think this is not acceptable presence of antibiotics in children's food products. The same chloramphenicol he takes flora in kyechnyku which is formed of a child", - said J. Openko.
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