5 ways to cope with anxiety

5 ways to cope with anxietyWriter Katherine Paterson once said: "To be afraid of - it is one thing to allow fear to grab its tail and twist from side to side - it is quite another matter".

If you feel yourself getting too anxious - you can use the following guidelines. This will help you to calm down and regain control.

1). Breath - the shortest way to anxiety

I know, I know - you've heard a thousand times about the "deep breathing", and that it helps to relax and reduce the level of anxiety, but wait a little longer.

Frequent, shallow breathing - the first trigger, trigger all the other symptoms of anxiety. Therefore, controlling the breath, you will be in control and all other indicators of anxiety.

If you will be doing consciously exhale longer, more "long" than a breath, your body will relax immediately (regardless of whether it will get up to your imagination at this time).

So, if you got scared:
Focus on your breathing
Breathe (quick thinking in the mind up to seven)
Then exhale slowly (fast counting to 11)

Do this for a minute or so, and you will be amazed how quickly you will calm down. We call it "the breath of 7/11", but what exactly are the figures - up to you, the main thing that was a long exhalation breaths.

I can already hear you saying, "This is all very well, but fear I will forget everything, and all your great tips will fly out of my head!"

Well said, and most importantly - time. This brings us to.

2). Prepare for the peaceful development of events

If you start to worry and fear of upcoming events, you will notice that just by thinking about the upcoming interview, speech - any exciting event, in fact - you will receive a physiological response - namely, anxiety.

Therefore, thinking about the visit to the dentist next Wednesday, you will start to breathe faster and your palms become wet. This, in turn, adjusts to your body even more alarming in the real world - and the circle is closed. And pay attention to the role of the imagination in programming your mind and body in the sense of fear (see. The story at the beginning of the article).

However, you will certainly feel the breath of 7/11 in a relaxed state, at the time, as you advance, "losing" the future situation in your mind, weakens an association and prepares your brain to calm reactions to the frightening situation in a natural way and, as they say, "on the machine".

So, if you find that you are worried that something in the future - breathe by "7/11".

One of the symptoms of intense fear or anxiety - inability to clearly and to think clearly (Nasreddin rolled to a nearby grave!) This is because the "emotional" part of your brain "absorbs" rationally thinking part that did not hesitate for a long time, took to their heels from the approaching lion.

However, in modern life, in most cases we would like to keep a clear mind. And this very clear thought quickly calms us. The following advice will help you in this.

3). Use a different part of your brain

In a state of great excitement difficult to think clearly. But if we force ourselves to "think logically", the logic "dilute" the emotions and begin to calm us.

The easiest way - to do it with the help of numbers. Let's say that on an imaginary scale 10 corresponds to the complete dismay, and 1 - absolute tranquility.

We felt that was terrible - ask yourself: "So, where I am now on the scale of seven Or five???" This question in itself will reduce the anxiety, because sharply involves rational thinking and reduce the level of emotion.

I remember my first public appearance before an audience person in 100. Just before the start of his speech, I felt that I worried more than I would like. At its scale, I put myself somewhere in the six. I began to take deep breaths, lengthening the exhalation, and wait for the point where you can already count on the "solid top three." I regained control of himself and his emotions. Putting on your own timeline, you thereby, as it were, "hold harmless" it, make it more manageable, and forcing yourself to think rationally.

4). Monitor your imagination

Fears and anxiety flourish when we imagine "the worst." Imagination is used to the fact that we were able to project its expertise in the future and plan their actions. However, there is also a side effect: we can think of both positive and negative developments. To some extent this is useful: for the robbers and extortionists, say, do exist. But uncontrolled imagination - this jack fears and anxieties that can spoil our strong, in general, a good life.

Some people constantly abuse their imagination and suffer because of this from the constant fear and "bad feeling." Others tend to be of a future in a constructive manner, or do not think about the future. Worrying constantly worrying yourself so people can "cheat" that any upcoming events begin to seem a catastrophe, the inevitable "end of the world." It is no wonder that the whole of their lives can be blighted by constant fear and anxiety.

However, they often do not realize that themselves spoil life. So:
Sit and breathe under the "7/11"
Do the "countdown" from any numbers on the scale, which seems to you, fits your state to deuce or units
Imagine that you see yourself in a situation that causes you fear, but you are calm, collected, unruffled and generally feel well - and all goes well.

When you do this, you are setting your mind to calm and a more optimistic response to the approaching event.

5). Use special equipment

It may seem that fear and anxiety are "suddenly" come from somewhere, but actually we have more opportunities to keep the situation under control than we think:
Take your anxiety. Do not try to fight it.
Follow your concern. Just watch your condition. Once you feel excessive anxiety or fear - their vote on their scale and begin to breathe deeply with a long exhalation.
Proceed as usual. Continue to talk and behave as if nothing has changed and everything is in order. It sends a powerful message to your subconscious that his overly dramatized reaction to the fact no one needs, because nothing terrible happens. Fire out of the car, they saw that nothing lights up, sit in the car and drive off - something like this.
Repeat the previous steps mentally, if necessary.
Expect the best. One of the best experiences in my life - it is the realization that you can control your own much more than you thought.

Overcoming anxiety and fear will give you a "reserve capacity", which you can use to focus on what you really want. This will require effort, but imagine what will be the reward.
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