Experts have identified the best floors for living in the high rise house

Experts have identified the best floors for living in the high rise houseToday, in the era of high rise houses, a significant criterion in choosing an apartment is its superficiality. Experts warn that it is not necessary to choose the apartment above the 6th floor, reports Ukrainian "Center of family medicine".

When choosing an apartment, many guided by the idea "the higher, the better". Indeed, air cleaner, prettier species, less noise. But experts warn - do not climb above the 6th floor. The air at the "top" and not so clean: pipes companies fumigated any city. And the accumulation of pollutants at 30 m may be very significant, especially with the gusts of wind in your direction.

There is one significant negative health upper floors - electromagnetic radiation. Of course, wiring and a washing machine in the same way creates background noise on the first and on the twelfth floor. But reinforced concrete structure does not transmit electrical activity causing them to circulate in the apartment, giving the background of the higher floors, up to the attic. That is, the higher, the more comprehensive the background. The researchers claim that this is the cause of frequent headaches and bad moods residents of the upper floors.

European citizens also believe that living above the 6th floor demeaning and harmful to health.

"The life of people living on the lower floors, is under the canopy of trees. Moreover, in terms of psychological comfort of life closer to the ground is always best - kept real contact with the outside world ", - the specialists said.

They also ranked the ideal living accommodation:

"Small storeys (no higher than 6-7 floors). Good landscape: on the one hand - the park, the other - the lake, both are a great filter, which does not let dust and dirt, "- stressed professionals.
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