Experts explained: why hangover symptoms worsen with age

Experts explained: why hangover symptoms worsen with ageMany people of mature age, probably, already feel the that the symptoms of a hangover from the years becomes worse and worse. The deterioration of the health impact of hangovers are a reminder that drinking alcohol in moderation is a good idea, say health experts.

Experts explain that the capacity of our liver, which allows her to deal with alcohol toxins, decreases with age. Over the years, slowing metabolism enzymes, reduced muscle mass and body fat increases, thereby increasing the effect of alcohol.

In addition, older people often use a variety of drugs that interfere with the metabolism of alcohol. Weight loss with age also causes changes in the distribution of alcohol in the body, causing great intoxication and hangover, the researchers note.

With age occurs the accumulation of substances in the liver, such as acetaldehyde, which are by-products of alcohol metabolism and are a cause of severe hangover.

As we age, production of alcohol dehydrogenase - the enzyme that is necessary for the digestion of alcohol - decreases. At the same time, women are more prone to hangovers than men, due to differences in the metabolism of alcohol.

Also due to degeneration of the brain with age toxic products usually affect brain stronger. Furthermore, there is a tendency to dehydration, as the aging population, usually drink less water, leading to a severe hangover.

Symptoms usually a hangover include headache, nausea, dizziness, fatigue and sweating. For some people, it may even lead to anxiety or panic attacks.

The severity of a hangover depends on the amount of alcohol consumption, frequency of alcohol consumption and eating. To avoid a hangover, experts advise to eat more food before and after the use of alcohol and drink more fluids.
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