The Ukrainian invented home that doesn't need to be heated (VIDEO)

The Ukrainian invented home that doesn't need to be heated (VIDEO)For its creation, he spent ten years. Before the construction the inventor traveled to Austria, where they build such houses, to explore the technology of warming of houses. It is unique in the fact that the cost of the building is reported average for Ukraine. The passive house appeared in Ivano-Frankivsk. What is that, for most readers, it may be a mystery, but not for Nicholas Yatsynovycha. The man showed that energy - not just windows, doors or new fuels.

There is a theory of "passive houses", according to which at a certain thickness of the insulating materials the building is so warm that there is no need to use traditional methods of heating: gas pipes, boilers, batteries and so on. The knowledge a man has applied in practice. His house is built of ordinary brick and concrete, but aerated concrete and foam insulation that perform functions, sometimes reaching 35 cm in thickness.

The carrier material is a conventional brick and concrete, insulating - the foam and aerated. Zest, said Nicholai Yatsynovych, is that the warming house no thin spots. Warm everything: doors, windows, soffits, walls and roof. The thickness of the insulation on the walls of 25 cm, the roof - 30 cm floor - 20 cm. This is two and a half times the national Ukrainian construction norms, but fully meet modern Austrian or Swedish state standards development.

"It is an advantage: the house begins to lose less heat, accordingly, it should be a little heated. We saved the house more than the cost of gas pipe and boiler with batteries rather than investing in insulation. The cost of the construction of cheaper conventional 5-10 cm of insulation, but in five or ten times reduced energy requirements. And accordingly, in cost. Such a house-thermos. If, for example, you type in a thermos water, it cools very slowly - two days. Similarly, if our house to heat and turn off heating, he will be warm for another week and a half because of the large heat capacity of our brick walls and concrete floors warm. Moreover, in the summer thermos also allows not to heat the building during the day and night to keep cool ventilation "- draws parallels Nicholai.
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