March holidays: Maslyana, International Women's Day and Great Lent

Ukraine: March Holidays
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The first month of spring is coming to Ukraine. And with it came new holidays and memorable dates. Let's see what this March is preparing for us.
This year's March will not be only marked by the elections. As usual, Ukrainians are waiting for a series of holidays and remarkable dates, which should be remembered. Well, of course, the days off. Where would we do without them[/img]

Maslyana celebration
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The date of the celebration of Masnytsia changes every year and depends on the date of celebration of Easter. The main attributes are Maslyana’s scarecrow, folk festivals and pancakes.
In 2019 Maslyana begins on March 4 and will last until March 10. It is divided into two periods: Narrow Maslyana (Monday - Wednesday) and Wide Maslyana (Thursday - Sunday).
In the first three days you can do housework, and in the following ones, you can not.

International Women's Day
The International Women's Day has historically appeared as a day of women's solidarity in the struggle for equality of rights and emancipation.

International Women's Day
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Since March 1975 this holiday is celebrated in the United Nations.
In 1910, the Second International Socialist Women's Conference took place in Copenhagen, where Clara Zetkin proposed to found an International Women's Solidarity Day in the struggle for their rights.
In 1911, the first International Women's Day was celebrated in Germany, Austria, Denmark and Switzerland on March 19 (in commemoration of the March Revolution of 1848 in Prussia).
In 1912, this day was celebrated in the same countries on May 12.
In 1914, a women's day was celebrated on Sunday, March 8, simultaneously in eight countries: the United States, Great Britain, Austria, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Russia and Switzerland.
At the moment, March 8 remains a state holiday and a day off, although it has long been heard the proposals to de-communize it and deprive of the status of the day off (at least).

Great Lent
It is a main post in all historical churches, the purpose of which is to prepare a Christian for the celebration of Easter.
March holidays: Maslyana, International Women's Day and Great Lent

Great Lent
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It is established in memory of the Jesus Christ who was fasting in the desert for 40 days. This Great Lent begins on March 11 and ends on April 27.
The Great Fast is the strictest of all Orthodox posts. At this time, the products of animal origin, as well as eggs, are completely excluded from the diet. It is allowed to eat fish, but only on certain days.
Alcohol is also prohibited during the fasting period, but on some days only wine is allowed.
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