Sentsov writes testament to his creativity, - sister

Ukrainian political prisoner OlegSentsov wrote a testament to his creativity. Natalia Kaplan, his sister claimed this on
According to her, Oleg experiences hypoxia, general health condition deteriorated.
'I don'tbelievethat I will bereleasedsoon and live happily in Kyiv, as well as in many other things.Although, it doesn't mean that I gave up and going to terminate the hunger strike. I haven't given up in any case, just don'tbelievein the happy end of this story. My condition is almost the same: stably-sucks, yet hypoxia added to all previous special effects - the lack of oxygen in my organs, mainly in the heart and the brain. Fog is in my head, everything is spinning, the body, the head, and limbs are going numb. The circulatory system doesn't manage with the oxygenation of the body at all. Now you see how much I have become advanced in medicine.

At the same time,Sentsovpromised his sister to stay strong, although he noted that he is living by inertia.
'And yes, he wrote a testimony to his creativity in the case of his death, itscaresa lot,' Kaplan noted.
Recently,Sentsovslawyer stated on the deterioration of his condition. He has a very low hemoglobin, which led to anemia, as well as a very low pulse. Oleg has a bad heart, he was asked twice to be taken to a hospital.

However, the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia inYamalo-Nenets County claimed that the medical staff examinesSentsovon daily basis, and his condition is satisfactory. Furthermore, according to the lawyer of the political prisoner, the Chief Doctor of the Hospital inLabytnangicity was threatening OlegSentsovby tying up and drugging him with medicine and artificial nutrition.
Reportedly, earlier, Russian OmbudsmanTetianaMoskalkovaclaimed that Ukrainian political prisoner OlegSentsovwho is in RussianLabytnangicolonyrejected the hospitalization
due to the absence of illness and satisfactory conditions.
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