Sentsovhas no underweight body, - Russian jailors

Russian FederalPenitentiary Service assures that the information of Lawyer DmytroDinzeon the deterioration of the health condition and theweightloss of the Ukranian political prisoner OlegSentsovis not true.
As of today,neitherunderweight bodynordeterioration of the health conditionare not observed... The condition of OlegSentsovis assessed as satisfactory, reads the

According to the Russian jailors, the result is achieved owing to supportive therapy and having thenutritionaltreatmentmixture.
Russian FederalPenitentiary Servicecalculated howmuch they spend for the health support of OlegSentsov.
This year,Russian FederalPenitentiary Service forYamalo-Nenets Autonomous Districtprovidedsuspects, accused and condemned,medical services in theamount of $19 thousandincivil health care institutions. OlegSentsov,at the time of voluntary renunciation of sustenance, 202 medical services inthe amount $664 wereprovided. During the period, $1401 were spent from the federal budget forthe medical supply of this patient, stressed in the message.

Earlier, Natalia Kaplan, sister of OlegSentsovstated that she received a letter from the Ukrainian.Sentsovsaid he is not getting up from a bed and the end is near.
Reportedly, OlegSentsovwas detained by Russian intelligence agencies in Crimea on May 2014. Later he was sentenced to 20 years of the colony under the accusation of terrorist activity on the territory of Crimea. Oleg does not admit his guilt.
Sentsovdeclared a hunger strike with a requirement to release all Ukrainian political prisoners in the Russian Federation.
At the end of June,LudmylaDenisovaclaimed that a priest wasnt allowed to visitSentsov

Reportedly,Kolchenkodeclared a hunger strike on May 31, requiring the release of OlegSentsov. He had to suspend thestrike, as he got very weak.
KolchenkoandSentsovwere detained by Russian intelligence services in Crimeain May2014. They were accused of the organization of a terrorist act on the peninsula.Kolchenkowassentencedto 10 years of the colony,Sentsovto 20 years. Both are denying theirguilt.
Recently,Sentsovslawyer stated on the deterioration of his condition. He has a very low hemoglobin, which led to anemia, as well as a very low pulse. Oleg has a bad heart, he was asked twice to be taken to a hospital.

However, the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia inYamalo-Nenets County claimed that the medical staff examinesSentsovon daily basis, and his condition is satisfactory. Furthermore, according to the lawyer of the political prisoner, the Chief Doctor of the Hospital inLabytnangicity was threatening OlegSentsovby tying up and drugginghim with medicine and artificial nutrition.
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