Medvedchuk returns to active political life and can deprive Opposition bloc of its electorate

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By numerous requests I decided to write a short text about what could mean decision of Medvedchuk to support Rabinovich's party.
To begin with, I will not reveal a big secret, saying that Medvedchuk has ambitions and certain reasons to claim if not for a speaker in the new parliament, then at least for a prime minister (but will he get this post or not - these are questions to him and history).
First, Medvedchuk publicly supported the party, which means that he returned to active political life. Before that, he was in a very incomprehensible status.
Secondly, he supported the party of Rabinovich, who sometimes bypasses Boyko and all the former Party of Regions (Opposition bloc).
Remember, Rabinovich called on the Opposition bloc to unite around the most rating candidate[/img]

Medvedchuk bears the idea that it is he who is personally the key to peace and transitional justice. That for a number of reasons he is capable to cut the Gordian knot by proposing a peaceful solution to the conflict in the east ... And for a number of reasons, this has the grounds.
I think that in the near future we will witness a new or rather a second phase (which still did not happen) exchange in the east. And the author and guarantor of it will be Medvedchuk ... and this time publicly. That will confirm his claims with his actions.
Through illustrative practical steps Medvedchuk is likely to be able to show the southeast his practicality and effectiveness and, accordingly, to claim votes and support.
In addition, Medvedchuk has already concentrated a very significant media resource, so he can effectively communicate his steps.
In fact, the new symbiosis of Rabinovich and Medvedchuk complement each other and becomes a very influential player in the field of the southeast and on the theme of "peace". And I think that in certain situations, the Oppositin bloc will not have anything to do in the southeast.
And yet ... never saw Medvedchuk's critical attacks against Poroshenko ... So, from an electoral point of view Medvedchuk is quite beneficial to the president.
In total. We observe the collapse of Levonchkin's wishes and Medvedchuk's political bid. For me, the litmus index is exchange in the east. If it takes place in the near future, then I'm right.
And here is the quote of Iryna Herashchenko (from July 25): "The representatives of the ORDLO stated that they will conduct a conversation about the release of hostages with only one person."
Herashchenko writes that the Kremlin is not yet ready to give back either Ukrainians who are in Russia's prisons or Ukrainians in the occupied Donbas and Crimea.
The politician also added that Ukraine itself will determine its negotiators and group members, and not be led by the Kremlin's wishes.
Well, we'll see ... And now in the pair Oppositin bloc - Rabinovich-Medvedchuk these two people clearly win.
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