On the eve of Kim and Trump talks: Lessons for Ukraine

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The talks between the US President and the leader of the DPRK in Singapore should begin soon. Now there are talks in Ukraine about whether this experience can be taken into account regarding our situation. Here's what you should pay attention to:
1. The Nuclear Argument
You can talk a lot about democratic values and international law. But the world is much tougher and more pragmatic. Nuclear weapons and nuclear status - this is a serious argument, that they pay attention to and begin to negotiate. Even the leader of the most democratic country in the world sits at the negotiating table with the leader of the totalitarian regime, if he has anything to offer.
We also have this trump card, starting from the unfulfilled obligations of the participants of the Budapest Memorandum and ending with the potential ability to expand our own nuclear program. Only who from the current Ukrainian leaders has the courage to work with this[/img]

3. The symbols matter
The meeting between the leaders of North and South Korea, which took place in late April, was "skimpy for detail, but rich in symbols," as the journalists of The New York Times wrote. Repainted in the scenery of the Korean mountains, the walls in the meeting hall, handshakes, time transition are well-designed details that give a clear signal to the Koreans themselves about the joint past and the need to unite. We also need to be careful about the symbols.
4. Reintegration through the economic strategy
At the same meeting, there was one very important point. The leader of the South, Moon Zhe Ying, gave Kim Jong Un a USB flash drive. There was no music banned in North Korea and not the last season of "House of Cards". There was a plan for the economic recovery of the DPRK and the format for South participation in this process.
Knowing the scrupulousness of Koreans, I think such step was not planned by the interns of the Ministry for Unification on the last night before the visit.
Do we have such a "flash drive" even for ourselves? Now, this is a rhetorical question.
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