Russia wants the third Minsk

Russia wants the third MinskRussia needs continuing the current format of "no war - no peace" to the conventional "surrender" Ukraine. But, obviously, she wants to see this format war.

So, what Russia wants.

First, Putin said the suspension of negotiations in Normandy format. This is not just a slap Ukraine - a slap other participants in the negotiations. And besides, demonstration of complete failure of the Minsk format.

Putin said: "Now persuades me that I sat back down at the negotiating table".

That is, the Kremlin wants Minsk-3 with much more favorable terms for themselves. Why in the regular bluffing and uses the rhetoric of "I - a dangerous crazy". Second, the Kremlin seeks to "capitalize" their diplomatic achievements during 2016. Objectively, it was one of the most productive years of Kremlin diplomacy.

EU immersed in the problems of their own integrity. Union of Ukraine-Poland ramshackle good through provocations. Turkey - again "friend", etc. Obviously, all this Kremlin wants to use as an argument in negotiations during the Minsk-3.

Thirdly, the Russian press has dealt thesis that, they say, they are ready to "destroy Ukrainian base of the terrorists." Thus, the Kremlin continues its tactics - apery actions Pentagon. Thus, they warn that want to attack military facilities Ukraine under the guise that it is - the "base of terrorists."

What will be the reaction if such attacks? Chances are nothing but "concern" and "strong condemnation". It's still "not war"? Thus, Russia declares extension methods of warfare, and it also wants to use the hypothetical Minsk-3.

Fourth, it is worth mentioning pumping in Ukraine the situation surrounding the exchange of prisoners. Now, obviously, Russia abandon old commitments to their metabolism and will promote demand "cessation of terrorism from the Ukraine." That, again, would mean another demand surrender.

The time chosen by chance. Russia wants to quickly close the Ukrainian question until the situation has developed successful. The world is busy with his problems in Washington - the transition period, and in Ukraine - internal problems.
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