How fun deputies: where Ukrainian politicians have a rest this summer

How fun deputies: where Ukrainian politicians have a rest this summerServants of the people went to Tokyo, posts photos from Iceland and Sweden, and sank to a depth of 107 m of the Red Sea in Egypt.

Despite the very hot summer and the summer vacation officially approved (after Speaker closed the fourth session of Parliament in July), relax the MPs are in no hurry. For example, Hope Savchenko done a lot of noise and a hunger strike. Many are actively romp around the country, meet with voters and party colleagues in the regions. Some lucky enough to visit on a business trip to Tokyo, where just held elections of the mayor, and tighten English in America. Such as the People's Deputy from the "will of the people," Alexander Onishchenko, hiding from the investigation, holed up in London. Others explore the underwater world of the Red Sea, climb the mountains, Iceland and Sweden, and are going to go to Prague with children's chess tournament. Those who had not been on holiday, there is a chance to relax until 24 August. On Independence Day ceremony scheduled session of Parliament and, according to deputies, all need to have time to "pet shirts and come to Kiev".

Rumors and conversations that can take place in August, an extraordinary session of the Verkhovna Rada, which will try to adopt the draft law on elections in the Donbass, have not been confirmed. Even despite the fact that a couple of months ago, US and the EU are actively inclined to the Ukrainian leadership. This, according to the deputies, and said Assistant US Secretary of State Victoria Nuland during a visit to Kiev, it directly implied and the head of the German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier. But after the NATO Summit in Warsaw, the issue of elections in the Donbass postponed. All of the final declaration of the summit the leaders of the Alliance member states gave a big "hello" to Russia, stating: first, to ensure safety in the Donbas and control over the border, and only after the elections.

In addition, as noted by Vice-Speaker Oksana raw foodists, Speaker Andrew Paruby officially closed the spring-summer session. To convene an extraordinary meeting would be required to open a new autumn-winter, in fact, that is contrary to the norms of regulation. Do not become excite the public and the deputies and ardent opposition in the face of "homeland" and "Radical Party".

Recall that the last couple of weeks before the summer break blocked the rostrum, presidium and declared a sit-in, demanding to create temporary investigative commission on offshore companies, corruption and revision of utility tariffs. Some of them unofficially hinted that try to collect 150 signatures for convening an extraordinary meeting. But a month later we decided to abandon the idea. In an interview with People's Deputy from "Radical Party" Andrey Lozovoy said that even with the "Fatherland" and some vnefraktsionnyh maximum that they will be able to collect - it is 70 signatures. With less than half of the required 150.

How fun deputies: where Ukrainian politicians have a rest this summer
"Unfortunately, today there are no prospects for an extraordinary session. But an even greater problem is that the deputies did not gather, most left for the seas and oceans. I, for example, work, in the Lviv region today with colleagues in the faction. But even if they get together, no vote in parliament on the vital laws that we offer: the laws of the reduction of tariffs, laws for the required number of pensioners drugs", - told us Andrew Lozovoy, who had then to take part in the riots under Obolonsky Kiev court.

Doubts about the possibility of convening an extraordinary meeting in the "Fatherland." "According to the procedure you need to collect 150 signatures I have an understanding that on August 24 will be a solemn meeting dedicated to the Independence Day In principle, the deputies to this date are planning to complete the holiday, family activities, to have to go back to August 24, but it will be a solemn meeting -... There it would not be accepted. in principle, it is possible to collect 150 signatures, but will it be in the hall of 226 people? You can once again discredit the parliament to gather all and show the world that we humans do not. but does this put on the agenda the question of creating FAC on tariffs and offshore companies? and I do not think that the issue of elections in the Donbass will make for an extraordinary meeting. I think the question we will consider as early as next session. When something quickly try to push through parliament, there are conflicts and, . Unfortunately tragedies Our four natsgvardeytsa died after August 31 last year, tried to drag and drag in the first reading the draft amendments to the Constitution on the part of decentralization ", - said the People's Deputy from" Fatherland "Alex Ryabchin.

In general, many deputies are in Ukraine, travel across regions and districts - to communicate with voters. People's Deputy of the "People's Front" Vitaly Korchik said that vacationing at home parents, to help them on the farm. Many are actively registering the draft laws amending the law on Natspolitsii, budget on medicines and others. In general, during the summer vacation the MPs have registered about fifty legislative initiatives. However, the chances of their adoption negligible.

"Many of these relate to changes in spot and repeat the legislative initiative of the Cabinet, which Parliament has not had time to consider the holidays," - he told us one of People's Deputy from the BPP.

People's Deputy from the parliamentary group "Renaissance" Viktor Bondar does not hide that rests in Egypt, actively post photos on my page to Facebook. And no wonder, because he has something to boast about - he won the 107-meter depth of the Red Sea by launching a Ukrainian flag there.
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