Opposition Platform - For Life, Opposition Bloc did not joint efforts due to various views, - Medvedchuk

Chairman of the political council of the Opposition Platform - For Life Viktor Medvedchuk
The two political forces, Opposition Platform - For Life and Opposition Bloc did not join efforts because of differences in their ideologies and programs. Viktor Medvedchuk, the Chairman of the Political Council of Opposition Platform – For Life party said this on air of The Pulse, the evening program at 112 Ukraine TV channel.
'Their (Opposition Bloc's, - 112 International) initiatives do not match our ideology. They don't match our program. We've got different views. Their view is different from ours when it comes to peaceful regulation [of Donbas conflict]. They have different views on ceasing military actions. They have different views on the development and radical changes in the economic course. They have other views on solving problems. This is what I told you when we spoke earlier; these views they had before the presidential election. So what[/img]
the second round. Isn't it true? It is, indeed, because our candidate Boiko (when we ran alone, without them) collected 12 percent of votes. Their candidate scored four. And this is not just a matter of arithmetics; it's a matter of synergy, which would be there if there was this one candidate. Why wouldn't they agree? I can tell you the real reason today', he said.

'I previously spoke of ideological reasons, but there were tactical reasons as well. What were these reasons? Of course, the sole candidate from the southeastern regions, and, in fact, the same guy who would definitely get a chance in the second round, would leave only one place left. And Mr. Poroshenko strongly opposed that. I can tell you what he personally told me: 'You will fail at what you're doing. I stand against your union, because your candidate already has a place in the final [round], and I'm not OK with that. This means he managed to persuade Vilkul, Murayev, Novinsky (Opposition Bloc members, - 112 International) and that part of the Opposition Bloc to run separately. He managed. And what about the country? What about the people who live in the Southeast, who would eventually vote for Zelensky? If there was a single candidate, he would end up in the second round. Yes, he would surely lose to Zelensky. But he would end up in Round 2, and the voters would understand the level of responsibility of this man, his will, his program, before those whose interests he represents. But that never happened', the politician concluded.
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