I won’t wait for the sentence, you will make it posthumous, without me – Nadia Savchenko

I won’t wait for the sentence, you will make it posthumous, without me – Nadia Savchenko"I do not know how much more will take all this judicial procedure, but I want to say right away: if there is such a situation, as it was with the prosecutors, when they asked three weeks for debates, I will immediately react to this. If the court takes more than two weeks at sentencing, which is already being dictated from above, and has been prepared long before, I will turn on a dry hunger strike from tomorrow, and you will make the sentence posthumously, without me.

I do not think it necessary to wait for some kind of exchange. If you want to solve the case politically and liberate two of your perpetrators from the Main Directory of Intelligence for one innocent person, it is really too much.

You should exchange Sentsov-Kol'chenko for them. I'm not the item for negotiations, I am an innocent person, my guilt has not been proved and cannot be proved. Therefore, no exchange, no trades and no time delay, I will not wait.

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And the most important thing. Please, give prosecutors as much as they ask. Not one day more or one day less. All 23 [years]. Do not give more or less, so that they have no time for any appeals and - once again - time delay. You have already proven that you are not able to do anything. You have already proven how Russia can be dishonored on the example of one single person. I haven’t been broken by you. And you will never not break me. Never. So let's finish it all as soon as possible, I will not wait any longer. It was not you who gave me a life, you are not the owners of my destiny and you will not decide my fate. If there is more than two weeks, I will not wait for a verdict. That's all I wanted to say."
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