Why time flows faster with age

Why time flows faster with agePsychologists from the University of Bath have confirmed the well-known fact to many people - age time really starts to go much faster. Partly to blame for our aging bodies.
As a child, summer vacation seems endless, and the anticipation of the holidays is converted into eternity. But with age, the time starts to rush like mad, and yesterday 30-year-old men with horror celebrating its 50th anniversary. Studies confirm that the perception of time with age in humans is changing, and there are several theories that explain this phenomenon.
One of them is based on the fact that the operation varies with the age of the internal biological clock and metabolism. pacemaker in a child work more quickly, which means that they use more biological markers (heartbeat, breathing) in a short period of time. As a result, they and the feeling that in this period took longer.
Another theory suggests that the perception of time is associated with the amount of new information that we absorb. As a child, almost everything is unknown to us, and every day we are faced with new and new facts, but with the age of the new discoveries is becoming smaller. A man performs the same work, it is in the same conditions and circumstances change very rarely.
Biochemical theory is to reduce the level of the neurotransmitter dopamine, which helps us to assess the time. After 20, this figure gradually decreases, because of what the time and it seems to us so rapidly rushing. Finally, there is a theory about the perception of time, based on a comparative analysis. It is based on the assertion that living time man compares with an already lived.
In other words, 45-year-old man year of life is a short moment, because he had already spent as much as 45 of such segments. For a child aged two and a half years - half of life. Naturally, in the second case this time will last much longer.
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